Backed by Clinical Studies

Many CHOQ® Supplements Are Backed By Clinical Studies That Prove Their Safety and Efficiency

Just because an herb has been recommended by health gurus doesn’t mean that it is safe to consume.

At CHOQ®, we take pains to ensure that as many ingredients as possible are backed by research and scientific evidence regarding their safety and efficacy.

Some of these include the following:

Tongkat 100

Wild-crafted in the rainforests of Malaysia, the active ingredient in Tongkat 100 has been the subject of 23 clinical studies that evaluate the biological activity of several of its key phytochemicals, including eurycomanone, glyco saponins, and eurypeptides.

The root of the herb has been known to activate critical enzymes such as CYP17A1 which are responsible for converting hormone precursors to testosterone and progesterone. A consistent intake of tongkat may  promote the healthy immune systems of people between the age of 40 and 50 significantly.

Purified Shilajit

Shilajit is a sticky herbomineral that can be found stuck to the sides of mountains and rocks in the Himalayas. The adaptogenic substance contains a number of beneficial active compounds, including a variety of minerals.  Out of all of these, fulvic acid stands out for its efficacy in enhancing detoxification and aiding in nutrient absorption.

Our energy levels and collagen production naturally decrease as we age. The good news is that Shilajit may help with focus and sharpness and can also support healthy collagen production.

Supported by clinical studies on volunteers’ testosterone levels, CHOQ® Purified Shilajit has been researched for its healthy aging efficiency and unmatched safety.

Action 2.0

CHOQ® Action 2.0–our premier energy and nitric oxide blend–contains organic Beet Root, organic amla fruit, and wildcrafted Siberian Rhodiola rosea.

Action 2.0 contains an ancient peat and apple extract that supports healthy levels of mitochondrial ATP production. The blend increases lean muscle mass, strength, promotes healthy collagen production and helps synthesize glutathione which detoxes the body and helps to remove a variety of particularly nasty chemicals.

It also contains Rhodiola which supports mitochondrial energy production, energy, and mood health. Mitochondria are essential for healthy cognitive function, endurance, and stamina.  Click here for a list of references to the clinical studies done on many of the ingredients in Action 2.0.

We Maintain Premium Quality Standards for All of Our Supplements

Clinical studies are essential, but CHOQ® doesn’t stop there.

All of our products are bottled in a cGMP certified facility and each batch is tested for contaminants such as bacteria and heavy metals before they are made available for purchase. Our standardized extracts are lab-analyzed to ensure that they contain a minimum percentage of active compounds.

Any product or ingredient that does not pass our strict quality standards is discarded immediately.

We’re industry veterans, and we’ve seen all kinds of tomfoolery.  Just know that we go out of our way to lead the industry in quality and spread awareness about deceptive industry practices.  Read this article to learn more about our full-disclosure labeling practices, ingredient selection, and how you can arm yourself with the knowledge of how to avoid getting ripped off.

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