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Chocolate | Nature’s Premier Aphrodisiac

Chocolate— Nature's Premier AphrodisiacChocolate, perhaps the most decadent and sensual of all foods, takes top honor when ranking the world's most fabulous mind-altering, mood-enhancing, and aphrodisiac foods. For over three thousand years, people have coveted cocoa...

Damiana | Celebrated Aphrodisiac of Central America

Damiana (Ternura aphrodisiaca)Damianathe legendary Central American aphrodisiac,  has been a topic of discussion since the ancient days of the Aztec. Once widely revered for its potent effect on libido, it was also used as a digestive tonic, mood enhancer, and to...

Safed Musli Rises in the Ranks of Men’s Health

But what is Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum), and why should men care?With all the talk of Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, and Turmeric, you can see that the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda (The traditional system of medicine in India) is going mainstream....

Mucuna Pruriens – What men should know

Athletes and business professionals keep talking about Mucuna, but why?Mucuna Benefits According to Ayurveda Supports a healthy central & peripheral nervous system* Supports the body's ability to cope with stress* Supports physical balance & posture* Promotes...

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