Ternura Aphrodisiaca —

the legendary Central American aphrodisiac known as Damiana,  has been a topic of discussion since the ancient days of the Aztec.

Once widely revered for its potent effect on libido, it was also used as a digestive tonic, mood enhancer, and to promote sleep and relaxation.  It was also commonly taken as delicious herbal infusion.

The History

Although the exact origin of Damiana use is cloudy, we understand that the ancient peoples of Central America cherished this intriguing plant.

Some scholars believe that the indigenous natives of the Baja region of Mexico are the earliest known humans to consume it.

As this indigenous group from the Baja region began to trade with the Aztecs, its popularity spread across Mexico. Interestingly, the Maya similarly valued it for its curative properties and excellent flavor.


Modern Times

Today, Damiana remains a popular choice for mood support, relaxation, and reproductive health.

An excellent herbal tea, you can also find damiana in herbal supplements and tinctures. It is commonly found in products intended to promote libido, energy, and for mood support.

Additionally, Damiana is often featured as a mind-enhancing ingredient in herbal smoke blends and specialty liquors.

 The Science

Although the legend of Damiana is alive, and its storied history goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, the hard science hasn’t yet been done to quantify or confirm its commonly reported benefits. However, this is not surprising.

For one, it’s just not economically viable to conduct elaborate experiments on herbal remedies.

Two: It’s legendary reputation and popularity alone make Damiana an intriguing option 

As a result, its active compounds remain a bit of a mystery. Some speculate that it may help reduce anxiety and boost mood due to its exceptional content of a chemical called Apigenin. Apigenin is a phytonutrient found in other calming plants such as Chamomile and Lemon Balm.

It’s confusing because any human study conducted on Damiana involves the use of several other herbs (and myriad other phytochemicals) making it difficult to evaluate.

Although reliable human studies are hard to come by, animal studies involving rats show promising results regarding reproductive health. Damiana exhibited aphrodisiac properties in fatigued and sluggish rats.


The historical usage of Damiana is impressive. The ancient indigenous cultures revered the herb carrying across Central America on their trading routes.

Today it remains a cornerstone of herbal formulas promoting reproductive health and libido, although science-based evidence to validate its aphrodisiac effects is a little cloudy. Unfortunately, studies involving Damiana also include other biological compounds.

However, it’s at least noteworthy that people have consistently and safely used it for relaxation, mood support, and to promote health libido for thousands of years.

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