Grape Seed Extract 

What do Men need to know?


Grape Seed Extract is widely known for its ability to support cardiovascular health while exhibiting anti-estrogenic properties.

An essential topic concerning Men, Heart Health proves to be an area of significant concern for the general male population. After all, the leading cause of death for men in the United States remains Heart Disease. Let’s dive in on the details.


The growing use of Grape Seed Extract in the United States stems from the historical use of grapes and grape related medicines in Europe. 

For thousands of years, Europeans took advantage of the Grape plant and its various part to prepare traditional medicinal treatments. The sap from its branches is believed to treat skin issues, cuts, and scrapes.

Modern Times:

The benefits of grape seeds and red wine are a subject holistic medicine and wellness. Recent research indicates that wine may contain several protective compounds — for example, resveratrol.

These unique nutrients offset the damage caused by free-radicals and help combat oxidative stress.

Resveratrol, the most popular amongst these nutrients, is famous for its supposed anti-aging properties. Similarly, a unique compound found in grape seeds called proanthocyanidin may also offer protective qualities.

How it Works:

As its name suggests, grape seed extract is a natural supplement derived from the seeds of red wine grapes.

What makes it unique is that it offers an abundance of tannins and special procyanidins which are chains of catechins (also found in green tea and resveratrol).

Okay but pay attention!

These rare nutrients not only scavenge for free radicals, it appears they may also inhibit aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, providing estrogen regulating benefit.

In addition to protecting your precious testosterone, Grape Seed Extract represents in several other critical men’s health categories.

Grape Seed Extract Benefits at a Glance

1. Circulation – Helps improve blood flow

2. Blood Pressure – Supports healthy blood pressure already in the normal range

3. General Vitality – Acts as a potent scavenger of free-radicals

4. Hormonal Health – Protects testosterone by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen


When you consider the evidence, Grape Seed Extract presents a versatile option for male vitality.

It is a juggernaut in the world of  cardiovascular health promoting healthy circulation and blood pressure. 

But it also provides hormonal support helping to combat the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

And that’s a win-win for men!

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