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Welcome to the CHOQ® Knowledge Center!


CHOQ® offers research-backed, highly effective supplements with full-disclosure labels that support wellbeing and optimal performance in every aspect of your life.

We live the lifestyle we promote and are proud to be leading the supplement industry with premium, evidence-based natural products that tell you 100% of what’s in them (AKA full disclosure labeling).


Our Process

At CHOQ®, we follow a comprehensive 5-step formulation process that ensures that the end product is safe, effective, and truly enhances your quality of life.

Step #1 – Research

The first step by our research and development team is to visualize how a particular product can enhance human physiology and lead to the best possible results. Our team initially focuses on traditionally used herbs by ancient cultures with established use cases then chooses the herbs and nutrients that best suit the desired effects of the formula.

Step #2 – Sourcing

Our team then searches the globe for high-end ingredients, choosing only those that offer the highest level of efficacy and purity and are well-documented by research and clinical studies.  For instance, the Tongkat Ali extract we use is wildcrafted in the rainforests of Malaysia and has been the subject of 23 clinical studies demonstrating its potency.

Step #3 – Formulating

We take the science and art of formulation to the highest level, combining nutrients and herbs that–when combined–work in synergy to significantly increase the potency of the product and overall impact on your health.

CHOQ® APEX Glutathione, for example, is a formula consisting of 12 ingredients that all work in synergy to support healthy detoxification, immunity, mood, and focus, relying on a deep knowledge of biochemistry and how various ingredients work together in the body.

Step #4 – Stacking

CHOQ® products have been deliberately designed to stack together for best results. The goal of the STAQ is to support common areas of concern like energy, focus, hormones, and immunity. Our expertly designed STAQs are the fastest and most powerful way to get truly life-changing results from CHOQ® supplements.

Step #5 – Delivery

Consistent dosing is essential to increase the impact of nutritional supplements. Many studies on herbs and nutrients demonstrate that measurable results are typically achieved after several consecutive months of use.  For example, some of the research on the patented shilajit we use demonstrates significant effects on healthy testosterone levels after 90 days of consistent use.

Our discounted subscription-based delivery system ensures that you achieve your wellness goals, assisting you in taking our products consistently enough to get results.


Our Products

We offer a range of products that are specifically designed to enhance both your mental and physical health.

Here are just a few products from our world-class lineup of adaptogens and superfoods:


Formulated with a highly researched, top-potency form of Ashwagandha, CHOQ®Ashwagandha is crucial for thriving in the contemporary world. It supports healthy energy and mood by promoting healthy levels of cortisol, testosterone, and GABA.

Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders is a blend of the most well-known adaptogenic fungi in the world, such as Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps. It supports healthy inflammation response, detoxification, immunity, and overall vitality.

Heirloom Cacao Beans

Our cacao beans are organically farmed or wild-harvested in Bolivia without the use of pesticides. Moreover, they are totally GMO-free, less bitter, and richer in cacao butter than many other cacao beans.  They make a fantastic addition to any smoothie, or can be eaten by the handful.


Shilajit is a classic Ayurvedic ‘herbomineral’ with world-famous adaptogenic properties.  With 8 clinical studies and counting, the trademarked, patented ingredient in CHOQ® Shilajit is the most widely researched of its kind. CHOQ® Purified Shilajit supports focus, vitality, endurance, hormone health, and a healthy inflammation response.


Explore our STAQs

In order to help you get the best value and effects from our supplements, we’ve created CHOQ® STAQs: custom-blended combinations of various CHOQ® Products that–when taken together–can produce some of the most profound benefits.

Explore our STAQs now to see if one is right for you!