But what is Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum), and why should men care?

With all the talk of Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, and Turmeric, you can see that the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda (The traditional system of medicine in India) is going mainstream. However, it is surprising that you don’t see big headlines about Safed Musli.

After all, with the growing concern about the global decline in male vitality, every man should know what men in India have known about for hundreds of years. Safed Musli offers unparalleled support for male reproductive health, energy, and inflammation. So, let’s dive.

History of Safed Musli

Often categorized as a potent aphrodisiac, it is considered a powerful Rasayana that restores youthful vigor. As I mentioned above, the legend and use of Safed Musli began hundreds of years ago in India. One of the many celebrated herbs of Ayurveda, traditionally, practitioners use Safed to support erectile function, to boost libido, and increase physical stamina.

Why isn’t Safed more popular?

As to its popularity, or lack thereof, one once had to wildcraft Safed Musli in Indian jungles making it challenging to procure. Safed is now on the rise as an aphrodisiac and adaptogenic compound, the result  of modern farming techniques and increasing demand for natural vitality options.

Reproductive Health

Safed Musli— Modern Times

Although plenty of anecdotal and historical reference concerning Safed confirms its potency, human studies are lacking. The most promising research involving Safed includes another potent Rasayana called Mucuna Pruriens. Despite the favorable outcome, the results need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, studies in rats also show Safed Musli to be a highly-effective aphrodisiac that significantly supports erectile function. Surprisingly, it proved to be only slightly less effective than the prescription drug Viagra. It is no wonder that Safed has earned the nickname “herbal viagra” or “Indian viagra.”


Safed Musli proves to be an attractive option for men looking for a boost in libido, stamina, or reproductive health. Although there seems to be a lack of funding for comprehensive human studies on Safed, animal studies show it to be only slightly less effective than the prescription drug, Viagra, for promoting erectile function.

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