The CHOQ® Product Difference

CHOQ®’s Formulation Philosophy: Evidence-Based with an Industry-Leading Emphasis on Quality.

At CHOQ®, our #1 goal is to get you results.

We therefore adhere to a formulation philosophy that emphasizes natural ingredients that are backed by clinical studies and lab-verified to assess and limit contaminants. Read on to learn more about what makes CHOQ® different, and why we’re ranked among the highest of all supplement companies on Trustpilot.

CHOQ® Product Differences

Stringent Quality Testing

All our products are bottled in a cGMP-certified facility. Additionally, each batch is tested for contaminants such as bacteria and heavy metals. Testing is performed on both the front and back end, meaning that both the individual ingredients and finished products are lab-tested.

Anything that fails to meet our stringent quality standards is rejected.

Evidence-Based Potency

Our formulators are experts in nutrition and herbology who go out of their way to ensure that all CHOQ® products are made with the correct dose and form of each ingredient.  Whether it’s a botanical extract, a vitamin, or a mineral, every ingredient is scrutinized to ensure that it’s being dosed at a quantity that actually gets results because it’s easy for the body to absorb and utilize.

Our minerals and vitamins always come in highly bioavailable, natural forms for optimal absorption. Click here to read more about ingredients that we don’t use because they don’t meet our quality standards, and to educate yourself on common deceptive industry practices like ‘proprietary blends’.

Total Transparency

It’s sad but true: many brands use proprietary blends to conceal the fact that they are underdosing you, AKA ‘fairy dusting’.  This practice is totally legal, and yet can be highly unethical.

Unlike so many other companies in the industry, CHOQ® uses full-disclosure labeling, meaning that you’re always given the exact quantity of each active ingredient in our products.  This allows you to do your own research and actually check our work.

If we’re underdosing you, you’ll know it…because we tell you everything.

We even share references to the research that has been conducted on the various unique trademarked ingredients we use (click here for an example). Very few (well under 10%) of supplement companies use full-disclosure labeling, making CHOQ® one of a small handful of companies who are raising the bar for quality and transparency in the natural products industry.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our research and development team combines the best of both traditional herbal knowledge and modern research, first looking at how herbs have been used for millennia, then proceeding onto both preclinical (animal and in vitro) and clinical research (human trials) to understand their mechanisms of action, safety, and proper dosing.

For example, Ayurvedic and other traditional herbal practices like TCM have been using herbs for centuries to support health naturally, and modern research is confirming the efficacy of these herbs and how they work in the body through properly designed placebo-controlled human clinical trials.


Our team works extremely hard to make sure that all the ingredients we use in our supplements are supported by scientific evidence and research regarding their efficacy and safety. The 100:1 standardized extract in Tongkat 100, for example, has been the subject of 23 clinical studies that have demonstrated its ability to support healthy testosterone production, optimal stress hormone synthesis, athletic performance, energy, and sleep.

Why it Matters

The supplements industry is a lot more like the Wild West than you might think.

Unfortunately, deceptive practices are the norm, whether it’s fairy dusting, using unhealthy, synthetic ingredients and pretending that they’re natural, or any of the other all-too-common tactics.  At CHOQ®, we go out of our way to ensure that we’re part of the solution by offering you first-class quality, efficacy, and transparency.

Click here to read an article written by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, about how to tell if your supplement is quality and how to avoid common deceptive industry practices.