Tribulus Terrestris 

otherwise known as Gokshura, presents a potent and versatile herb in the world of Men’s Health. From Bulgaria to India, and beyond, men across the globe celebrate Tribulus and its myriad health benefits.

But Why Tribulus Terrestris?

The History

A popular Ayurvedic herb, Tribulus Terrestris, also known as Gokshura, was used traditionally to rejuvenate and restore youthful vigor and to promote urogenital health. Famous for its ability to help aid urinary flow, it supports the function of the prostate, kidneys, and bladder. Considered a tonic to the male reproductive system, Tribulus supports male virility and healthy sperm production.

Tribulus Terrestris benefits according to Ayurveda

  • Promotes prostate health and healthy urogenital function*
  • Promotes kidney, bladder, and reproductive health*
  • Supports healthy urinary flow*
  • Supports healthy sperm production*
  • Supports nervous system function*
  • Promotes male reproductive health*

The Science

Does Tribulus Boost Testosterone? 

Traditionally, Tribulus roots were considered to boost male virility and enhance libido while its fruits were used to support general wellness. It is widely accepted that its roots enhance libido and reproductive health, but does Tribulus actually testosterone levels?

Although Tribulus Terrestris remains among the most popular supplements for increasing virility and vitality, its benefits do not arise from increases in testosterone as many would have you believe.

On the other hand, it may play a valuable role in promoting both cardiovascular and urogenital health. The synergy provided by these benefits could help explain why Tribulus promotes erectile function and prostate health.

Does Tribulus work for Libido?

On the other hand, Tribulus appears to perform admirably as a potent libido enhancer. One study even demonstrates that it promotes both well-being and erectile function. While no one definitively knows how Tribulus works, its steroidal saponins are thought to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain. The increase in androgen receptor density may account for any boost in libido.

The fruit of Tribulus Terrestris protects the liver and kidney from oxidative damages. As an adaptogen, it appears to help the body cope with stress and inflammation.

Its long history demonstrates its ability to effectively promote reproductive health, cardiovascular health, prostate health, and general well-being.


Although Tribulus Terrestres fails to raise testosterone levels in healthy men, it offers several health benefits that men should understand.

What men SHOULD know about Tribulus

  • Tribulus appears to support erectile function.
  • Tribulus shows potential as a potent libido enhancer.
  • Tribulus promotes prostate health.
  • Tribulus promotes a healthy response to stress and inflammation as an adaptogen.

Traditional herbal medicine along with modern science validate the effectivenes of Tribulus to promote a variety of health benefits for men, including but not limited to sexual function, cardiovascular health, prostate health, inflammation support and general well-being.

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