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Unlock your potential with CHOQ DAILY, the cutting-edge male vitality formula that radically boosts free and total testosterone. Ignite your performance!  With 500MG of scientifically-validated, USDA Organic PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit per serving, plus 4 other critical ingredients, CHOQ DAILY delivers concrete results in 90 days or less.

Subscribe and get CHOQ DAILY today! Build lean muscle mass, support sustained energy, and boost stamina. Revive your drive and maintain your manliness with CHOQ DAILY!

No Banned Substances. No Product Dusting. Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly. Non-GMO. Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Amazing stuff! 1000% recommend

Been using Choq Daily for a while now and I can tell you this is one product I will have to keep reordering. Just ordered 2 more 3packs I’ve been feeling better overall since I’ve started using it. More energy, better mental clarity, and it has helped me recover some nice gains in the gym after time off from injuries. I’ve gotten a few of my family and friends on board with it and they love it too! And a side note, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! They forgot one of my 3packs in my order and sent it out very quickly when I made them aware of the problem. To make up for it, which they didn’t even need to do, they gave me some extra Shilajit and seven wonders to try. Also great products!!! Choq is the best!




Helps in many ways. Amazing product!

incredibly effective!

I noticed within a few days that every morning when I would take this supplement, I would be cerebrally focused on my work and the way I could remember things that I saw and could recall was ultimately uncanny. I seriously recommend taking the daily men's choc it really had a significant improvement on my confidence level around the ladies. Its difficult to attribute all of my focus, vitality and confidence to the supplements but I without a doubt know it made a difference on my confidence levels and sense of self awareness. Overall very impressed!

Body and mind regeneration

Been using this along with purified shilajit for a few months now, and with the combination of eating healthier and some increased exercise I feel more alive than I ever have. I've eaten healthier and exercised more in the past, but I feel with the intake of Choq products it has given my body renewed life and energy. Incredible feeling of lust for life.

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