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If you’re confused about where to buy Shilajit, look no further.

CHOQ Shilajit is the most clinically-researched Shilajit on the market with 8 studies and counting.  It’s also is water-purified and lab-verified for unmatched safety.


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purified shilajit supports:

  • Enhanced mitochondrial function
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Activation of genes that regulate collagen synthesis
  • Vitality, endurance, and focus
  • Healthy inflammation response
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Customer Reviews

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Aina Pile

Shilajit - Subscription

Its 545AM...

WOWIE!! I am soo used to supplements barely working, especially for "focus" that I didn't think twice about trying one of these 'mushroom supps' or whatever I thought it was I heard Jay Dyer mention and I wanted to support him. Arrived today, almost forgot about it...It said focus and energy but I foolishly doubted their claim and took 1 around 7pm. Oops. I'm STILL up. I cooked a rack of ribs, got a lot of work done, then, I'm in head-shaking disbelief - realizing it's not a placebo effect since forgot I took it lol then I just spent the last hour on this site reading reviews with my jaw on the floor. Confirmed, it IS that good! Looking at the other products, I already ordered some more for myself and a relative too

Shilijit is the sh*t!

I remember hearing about this stuff YEARS ago and then forgot the name, but badly wanted to try it. This was what it was! The monkey ancient moss in the rocks! Shilijit!!

Soo happy! It's what my body needed. The missing supplement. Not speedy like caffeine, but energy that makes you feel like your "old" self. Or even your pre-covid self

You have a customer for life! Hopefully you can keep your prices low with the combos as I already ordered the moss and action 2.0 too

I swear this will pay for itself in no time with the gained productivity now. If you are have having doubts, just knock it off and try it please for the good of the world lol

How can the powers that be keep something so great secret from humanity? I just wish I had remembered the name of it 15 years ago when I randomly heard shiljit's praises plus how interesting it was

Thank GOD for the timing of finding this! I was on the verge of picking up a crack habit otherwise lol j/k but seriously NOTHING worked until this like I needed or it made me shake or nervous. Now I don't have to give up and turn to heavy drugs to have all the energy I need to function, hooraay! :-D Thank you, CHOQ!!!

Can't wait to see the results after a few weeks or with the moss. I rarely leave reviews but it's the least I can do for this company for less than $1 a day! Seems expensive, I know. But it's actually totally worth it for this one. I don't think there is one bad review on this supp and if there is, they must be competition lol

No one paid me to write this. I am just on the supps, super elated that they work, mega focused and now I want more people to get it too. God bless the work you are doing, CHOQ. Please keep it up!


Susan Udelhofen
Fabulous product

My son swears by the product….he has had health issues and really benefits from it. Great company and customer service is amazing!

Jacqui Van Der Riet
Too expensive to import to SA

The customs duties cost
Me more than the product. Cannot justify the price to get it into this country

More energy, less acne

I've only been taking this for about a month now, and I feel so much better! I feel that I have more energy and my face has cleared up a lot. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but my acne was getting BAD and it started disappearing after taking shilajit