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If you’re confused about where to buy Shilajit, look no further.

CHOQ Shilajit is the most clinically-researched Shilajit on the market with 8 studies and counting.  It’s also is water-purified and lab-verified for unmatched safety.


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purified shilajit supports:

  • Enhanced mitochondrial function
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Activation of genes that regulate collagen synthesis
  • Vitality, endurance, and focus
  • Healthy inflammation response
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Customer Reviews

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Magne Svärd

Shilajit - One Time Purchase

Larry Bonesio
I like the results

The results worked but needs additional strength

Randy Collins
Choq supplements

From gods country in dorchester section of Boston. 53 yrs going on 43 - my daily supplements has changed and improved my mood, focus, drive and outlook.

Brett Chesebro

If anything, I feel more sluggish after nearly 2 months of taking Shilajit.
I am disappointed!

I heard about Shilahit months before buying it from you. I was VERY INTERESTED about how to find it. I searched and couldn't find it.
I heard about it on an 970 am radio station, in Tampa Bay, and ordered it.
It has done absolutley nothing for me...if not help me to be more sluggish!!

James Graham

This really works for me… more energy and better focus, feel a lot better when I take one a day