Tongkat 100

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The most extensively researched Tongkat in the world.

The subject of 17 clinical studies, Tongkat 100 is wildcrafted in the Malaysian rainforest and lab-verified to contain key phytochemicals such as eurypeptides, glyco saponins, and eurycomanone.

100x concentrated and patent-protected.

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Presenting the King of Malaysian Adaptogen. Tongkat Ali has long been celebrated for enhancing mental and physical energy levels and boosting physical performance science proves it more to offer. Optimize and Balance Hormones and Cortisol Levels, Boost Immune Function, and Sustain Healthy Weight Levels. Use Choq™ Wildcrafted Tongkat Ali — The Ultimate in Healthy Aging, Sustained Non-Stimulant Energy and Hormonal Optimization. Read more about Choq Tongkat Ali here.

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Tongkat 100 supports:

  • Healthy hormone production
  • Enhanced physical and mental energy
  • Stress chemistry management
  • Healthy weight levels
  • Improved sleep quality 
  • Healthy adrenal function
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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Tyrek Rouse
Great supplement

Tongkat 100 has been great so far love what CHOQ is doing

Scott E
Try it

It’s very effective

Robert Davis
Noticeable Difference for me.

My wife calls my Tongkat100 my "chase the wife around the house" pills. Combined with my Choq daily, the testosterone increase is very noticeable.

Mr R

I love choq products and everything they stand for, but this was a bit of a let down to be honest. Have been experimenting with various choq products a month at a time just to see what each one does, and some of the other ones have given incredible results, but the Tongkat 100 just wasn’t good enough for me.

| Energy: 4/5 - This product gives you a steady energy throughout the day. I took this first thing in the morning (1 capsule) and had a calm, collected, consistent energy all day. You can feel the difference in energy boost you get from this as opposed to something like what Shilajit provides (more of a reduces fatigue, rather than energy boost). Solid 4/5 in energy boost.

| Endurance: 5/5 - Since taking this, I realised I was able to exercise for longer and do more intense sessions without feeling the effort of doing it. Usually go for runs for a few km and then stop, and then go again, but with the Tongkat in my system I found myself keep going without getting tired, it feels like your muscles can keep going and going.

| Immunity to stress: 4/5 - Because you’re not tired and your energy is at a steady level all day, I felt like most of the challenges I had didn’t really bother me and was able to deal with things much more easily. You really get this sort of immunity to stress.

| Body fat percentage management: 2/5 - Didn’t notice much body fat change or decrease, even though my diet and exercise regime was the same. The Shilajit does a much better job in body fat management.

| Hormonal balance: 3/5 - Bit harder to intuit. However, did feel this slightly upgraded sense of well being, and my system feeling more 'balanced'.

| Testosterone increase: 1/5 - Total disappoint from tongkat in this department. Didn’t see any increase in testosterone from this even after a month, as compared to something like what the Daily did for me (absolutely incredible product btw). However, I think this may be because 100mg a day is too low of a dose to make a difference in T levels.

| Sleep Quality: 5/5 – Slept like a baby when I was on Tongkat, and some of the best night’s sleep I ever had. For this reason alone, I’d keep taking this. Because my energy was so calm and steady throughout the day and managed stressed better, sleep came easier and was a lot deeper.

| TOTAL: 24/35 - About 3 out of 5 stars overall.

| IMPROVEMENT IDEA: Average product at best, which is a huge disappointment by Choq’s standards. Not that the source of Tongkat is bad, but the dosage is way too low to be potent or make any real difference, especially when other companies out there with this same LJ100 sourced Tongkat are selling for a lot lower price. The bottle priced for what it is, for essentially, a 3 gram Tongkat amount, is far far too expensive. The message to choq would be to increase the amount to AT LEAST 200mg per capsule, and this would make it a much better product and match what their competitors are offering.

Choq seem to be deleting reviews that are not 5 stars which is a bit frustrating, 3rd time trying to post my review.

Ryan LaRose
Felt amazing

I felt sharp energized I felt like I was at my peak performance.