High Purity Irish Moss Extract

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From Ireland to Jamaica and around the World, Irish Moss has been celebrated for its ability to promote clarity of mind, skin health, and general wellbeing.

Unlike many of the other Irish Moss products on the market which are untested and may be unsafe to consume, this product is lab-analyzed for safety and purity.

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This Atlantic Irish Moss Delivers:

  • Algal polysaccharides for healthy immune function
  • Iodine for thyroid and metabolic vitality
  • Prebiotics for healthy digestive function
  • Nutrients that support healthy skin
  • A plethora of trace minerals

Customer Reviews

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Blending Well

I gave up sugar and grains around the same time I started taking this. And I started taking other supplements at the same time. The combined results have been great, but I'm not sure how much to attribute to this supplement alone.


High Purity Irish Moss Extract - Subscription

Kei Taylor
Formula Changed

The first bottle of pills I ordered had dark contents in the capsules. The last bottle of pills I ordered had white contents in the capsules and I did not have the same boost as I did before.

ben blaauw
Irish moss extract review.

Excellent quality supplement, as all of the Choq products are... I will be purchasing this again and again.
A combination of Choq supplements keeps me feeling healthy and switched on.

Jamari Sanchez

Irish Moss helps me fast and i’m not as hungry as before i recommend Choq for everyone