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Tongkat Ali is one of the most effective energy-boosting botanicals on the planet, but not all Tongkats are created equal, and CHOQ® doesn’t use anything less than the best of the best.

Our patent-protected Tongkat is the subject of 17 clinical studies, sustainably wildcrafted in the Malaysian rainforest, and clinically proven to support healthy stress response and weight management while improving sleep quality and reducing fatigue.

Get CHOQ® TONGKAT 100 and prepare yourself to be swept off your feet by this world-famous adaptogenic treasure!


But just how the hell did we get here? 

Some say it’s an evolutionary mismatch between our biology and our environment.  Others say it’s all about the diet.  

And still others bury their heads in the sand, refusing to believe the facts that say energy, vitality, and overall zest for life are increasingly under attack by our modern way of life.

One thing is clear: we don’t live like we used to.  Not even remotely.

MANY OF US LIVE IN ‘HEALTH DESERTS’: barren landscapes filled with people who sit at home all day staring into screens and bathing in electrosmog while eating toxic, devitalized food.

There are countless reasons why we’re losing our vitality, but there are also plenty of solutions. Nature provides us with the tools we need to thrive while the modern world becomes a progressively more unhealthy place to be.

They’re called ‘adaptogens’.

An adaptogen is an herb or compound that supports homeostatic tone throughout multiple systems.  Simply put, adaptogens provide deep balance to both the body and the mind.

As adaptogens go, Tongkat Ali is arguably the strongest on the planet when it comes to supporting healthy energy levels and adrenal function, but the benefits it has to offer go far beyond that.

The market is flooded with Tongkat-based supplements, but none of them has the science and the potency of the extract featured in CHOQ® Tongkat 100.

Read on to learn more about CHOQ’s formulation philosophy and how we went about selecting the finest, most scientifically-validated Tongkat Ali on the planet.   

What makes CHOQ® Products Different?


Most supplements out there today feature trendy, marketable ingredients but often at measly sub-threshold doses, like 5 milligrams of fenugreek buried in a proprietary blend of 15 ingredients.

This practice, called ‘Fairy Dusting’, is a shameful but all too common strategy for maximizing profits.  It helps all the less-than-scrupulous wannabes get away with charging top dollar for products that cost $3 a bottle to make.

All fluff and no substance.

CHOQ® formulates around award-winning, research-based ingredients, using enough of each one to ensure that the amount you’re taking actually does something. 

We only use active doses as a matter of principle, and we always disclose the exact amount on the label so you know we’re telling the truth. 

Ingredients that work, at doses that work.  That’s the CHOQ® Formulation Philosophy.


Your uncle, your old roommate, your golfing buddy.  Anyone can start a turnkey supplements company these days to make some extra scratch, and most of them produce generic “me too” products because they don’t have the expertise to build their own formulas.

Too many products out there are created with cheap, untested, non-standardized ingredients.  CHOQ® formulas feature name-brand ingredients backed by clinical research and analyzed using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and other analytical methods to verify potency and purity.

The extract in CHOQ® Tongkat 100 has been the subject of 15 clinical studies because, even though we’re serious herbalists, we feel that scientific validation is critical in today’s Wild West landscape.


Bottom-of-the-barrel binders, fillers, flow agents, and capsules…just to save two pennies a bottle.  Welcome to the world of business-as-usual in the supplements industry.

If a company is putting their products inside of capsules made of artificially dyed, pesticide-laden Chinese beef gelatin, do you really think they care about quality?  At CHOQ®, we use plant cellulose, organic brown rice, and other clean, food-grade excipients because it’s worth paying the extra money for a truly clean product.


The cheapest nutrients are often the ones that chemists first learned how to synthesize almost 100 years ago, and despite advancements in the creation of more natural, bioavailable vitamins and minerals, the warehouses are still stockpiled with barrels upon barrels of low-bioavailability vitamins that were probably made during the Cold War.

Take the synthetic B12 Cyanocobalamin, for example.  It was created in the 1940s and is still used today, despite the fact that it doesn’t occur anywhere in nature and contains cyanide.  At CHOQ®, we only use nutrients in molecular forms that are safe and bioavailable, such as methylcobalamin (B12) and 5-MTHF (folate).

Additionally, all of our products are also 100% vegan.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

-Buckminster Fuller

Everyone on the CHOQ® team has one thing in common: we’ve each seen tens of thousands of crappy products during our decades of experience in the natural products industry, and it’s our mission to create a product line that reflects our passion for integrity and lets us shed some light on everything that’s wrong with the marketplace. 

CHOQ® is that new model: research-based, highly effective supplements with full disclosure labels that help you optimize your performance throughout all aspects of life. 

Our veteran formulators eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff.  In an industry dominated by “me too” clones who are all about the bottom line, we’re proud to tell you that we’re not afraid to pay extra for trademarked, research-based ingredients, even if we make less money per bottle than our competitors.  


Upgraded for safety, purity, and efficacy.

Tongkat 100 features the ONLY wild-crafted, authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali extract that has been scientifically demonstrated in human clinicals to:


  • Boost physical and mental energy
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Promote healthy weight levels
  • Improve sleep quality


But the science doesn’t stop there.

Every batch of CHOQ® Tongkat 100 is lab-verified to contain 28% bioactive eurypeptides, 40% glyco saponins, and 1% eurycomanone, and certified 100% free of contaminants.

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Tongkat Ali one of the most effective herbal adaptogens that mother nature has to offer.

Of course, whenever you have an herb this sought-after, there are going to be plenty of bad actors in the marketplace.

It happened with ginseng, and now it’s happening with our beloved Tongkat.  In today’s “Wild West” landscape, it’s crucial that you stay informed as a consumer.

Too many Tongkats are untested, improperly extracted, and grown in foreign environments that don’t support the generation of optimal levels of bioactive eurypeptides, glyco saponins, and eurycomanone, the critical phytochemicals responsible for the boosts in energy, metabolism, and mood that Tongkat is world-famous for.

If you’re shopping around, ask your supplier if their Tongkat is up to snuff.  Use this checklist to see how CHOQ® Tongkat 100 stacks up against the competition:

  • Lab verified to be free of harmful contaminants
  • Clinically researched to support healthy mood, energy, metabolism, and sleep
  • Sustainably wildcrafted in the rainforests of Malaysia using fair trade practices
  • 100x potency (100 mg of extract = of 10,000 mg of plant material)
  • Developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • 100% Vegan (as are all CHOQ® products)
  • Patented high temperature, high pressure, ultrafiltration extraction tech guarantees total consistency of bioactives from batch to batch
    US Patent# 7,132,117 B2

Experimentally validated because research matters

The extract in Tongkat 100 has been the subject of 17 clinical studies.

Tongkat Par Excellence.

The highest echelon plant intelligence of the Malaysian rainforest meets the potency, efficacy, and safety only cutting-edge science can provide.

It’s easy to farm some Tongkat, dry it, throw it into some capsules, and charge premium prices.

Want to know what’s not easy?

Painstakingly wildcrafting it, and then creating a patented 100:1 extraction process that yields consistent levels of critical bioactive phytochemicals with every batch, creating a product where a single 100mg capsule is equivalent to 10,000 milligrams of raw material.

Nothing less than a world-class, ecologically harvested, highly standardized extract will do if you want the ultimate Tongkat Ali.

When you take CHOQ® Patented Tongkat 100, you can look forward to:

Massive Increases in Free Testosterone in just 3 weeks

The patented extract in CHOQ® Tongkat 100 increased free testosterone by an average of 87% in healthy male volunteers in only 21 days.  Increase your confidence and overall vitality in less than a month, while also supporting healthy muscle mass and adrenal function.

Enhanced Mental and Physical Stamina

Tongkat Ali is also called ‘Malaysian Ginseng’ because it’s a top-tier whole-body adaptogen, meaning that it supports athletic endurance and mental acuity.  Clinical studies have demonstrated improvements in strength, balance, and overall muscular endurance, as well as enhanced psychological mood states.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Participants given this patented Tongkat extract during 5 weeks of strength training showed increased fat burning, decreased body fat percentage, and enhanced anabolic growth.  Part of this effect may be through a reduction of cortisol, which can break muscles down and lead to weight gain when not kept in check.

Healthy Cortisol Levels and Stress Response

This 100x extract has also been demonstrated in clinical studies to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which supports a sense of calm as well as increased muscle growth.  Maintaining a healthy stress response is crucial for keeping an even keel from day to day.

Improved Sleep Quality

Adaptogens like Tongkat exert a wide array of effects on the body because they regulate the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, which influences the nervous system and circadian rhythms.  When stress hormones like are modulated and kept in balance, sleep naturally improves and bedtime relaxation becomes easier.


Made possible by advanced chemistry and the rainforests of Malaysia


Reduced the stress hormone CORTISOL by 32% in 5 weeks

Each 100 mg capsule contains the equivalent of 10,000 mg of raw materials


Guaranteed 40% glyco saponins, ensuring consistent results with every batch

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