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I have had irregular cycles and imbalanced hormones FOR YEARS! No doctor has been able to help me as much as these have! I’ve been taking this for about 2 months now and my cycles are becoming more regular already, and are much easier to handle. Also when I started these I did not even change my diet. If you’re in the fence, just try them! If you have period issues these are a must!! Worth every penny!

No change in my energy

I don’t see any difference in energy or anything else, after all i eat only Organic food so I’m feeling the same like before.
Maybe i need some more time if my energy start to increase

Organic Heirloom Cacao Beans
Gerardo Echevarria

Love the taste!

Hi I’m Rocco

I like the product it’s great I don’t take the action 2.0 much but I like it it is a little rough on my stomach I’d love to try the tank but all els is fantastic I feel energized and clear mind a d I recommend it to a lot of friends and family


My overall health, mood and energy have all improved since I started taking it

Life Changer

Another arsenal to add to my current mega bundle

Action 2.0

Amazing energy
Clarity with Motivation
NO jitters
Lasta all day
Best supplements to date

Action 2.0
Nathan Peachey
Focused energy

Whenever I have a 9 hour shift, or a huge workout planned, I double the dosage on Action 2.0, and can I ever say that it makes a difference. It is a sustained energy that I feel when taking it, and I also feel calm and collected as well. Daily + Action combo are part of my morning ritual, and I can confidently say that they have changed my life!

Seven Wonders
Nathan Peachey
Brain Food

Main thing I've noticed from Seven Wonders, and a bit from Shilajit as well, is just how sharp and precise my mental clarity feels. I feel as though I retain information far easier than ever in my life, and can articulate that information more effectively as well. It is no doubt that these 7 mushrooms offer great blessings when consumed, and I intend on sharing those blessings with others.

Nathan Peachey
Can't go wrong with Longjack

Tongkat 100 along with Daily are the two Choq supplements that have helped me become the man I feel I was always destined to be. Main things I've noticed whilst taking longjack is a huge boost in testosterone and melatonin. Hard to say whether this is the best supplement or not, as there is quite a selection, but it is superb nonetheless.

Nathan Peachey
The quintessential Choq product

Started taking Shilajit through Daily 9 months ago, but there have been a few months where I've taken Shilajit and Daily in conjunction to increase my dosage. Overall, I feel smarter, stronger, wiser and more confident when I am taking either product, and I really do swear by the stuff. Gave my mother a bottle for mother's day and she loves it, and also gave a bottle to a lady friend of mine who also really likes it. Would totally say that Shilijat is a crutch product of Choq's.

Them super foods are no joke

Irish moss is the second suppliment I had ever taken after Daily, and I only bought 1 bottle back then. I had sort of mistakenly attributed the benefits it gave me to Daily, mainly because I just didn't know better, so I sort of thought it wasn't necessary. 9 months later, I decided to give it a shot after I had tried Longjack, Action and Seven Wonders, and boy am I ever glad I did. The main things I'm noticing is my skin is ridiculously soft, but also that I am more entuned with nature and my sixth sense. Having natural highs comes with ease, and it is very easy to feel happy when taking this stuff. Please buy it, your gut biome will thank you.

Nathan Peachey
A must have for men

Ahh Daily, my first ever Choq supplement. I have been taking Choq Daily now for over 9 months, and I can confidently say that it has played a huge role in changing my life. I felt the effects of this beautifully crafted supplement within the first two hours of taking it, and I had never felt so confident and energetic in my life. It has been excellent in reducing my body fat percentage and boosting my overall mood and health. I swear by this stuff. If anyone reading this is on the fence about getting it, just do it. After 9 months of consistent consumption (and many more to come), the effects have only gotten better and will no doubt continue to. Daily is an absolute must have for guys.

DAILY Subscription
Diego Alvarado
Works great!!

Daily/ Shilajit has worked great for me. Helps build lean muscle mass and raw strength. Strengthens immune system and mental clarity. Definitely recommend to friends and I have my girlfriend on some Choq products and she loves them. (Irish Moss)

Matthew Soares
10/10 would recommend

Does exactly as described, definitely apart of my routine

Best supplements I’ve ever taken

Great product

Great product

Mickey Burns

Love it

Bradley Hurlock
ACTION 2.0!!!!

So thankful for this product! I rarely have a coffee anymore now:)

DAILY Subscription

DAILY Subscription
Christopher Smith
Daily will boost your self-esteem.

I've been taking Daily for a couple of months now within the Choq Mega Bundle and these products have vastly improved my life. Over a short period of time I have eliminated whatever it was that was keeping me reserved and shy. Now I have no problem asserting myself and knowing what needs to be done. Choq 4 Life

CHOQ Action 2.0 Helped me Obtain a Superior Immune System

I love the taste of Action 2.0, and the smell reminds me of the Grand Canyons, but sometimes it affects my appetite. I assume it’s because it’s led me to eat more healthy so all the nutrition provided from these supplements is additional on top of the fruits and oats and other things I consume like juice. Taking Action 2.0 with Daily and Shilajit definitely enhances my memory and focus/attention span.

DAILY Subscription
Ian Barrett
CHOQ Daily Definitely Boosted My Energy Levels and I feel its Power

I definitely feel stronger and feel my energy levels have risen tremendously! I’m seeing the results that I’ve always wanted now that I can stay active longer, and increase the amount of weight I lift. I highly recommend this product!

Best Product Period!!!

Fan of the Irish Moss, Shiljit & now the Seven Wonders and I look forward to adding more products to the mix…

Irish moss + Seven Wonders

Best products I've used yet. I'm a customer for life, major benefits at 90 days later. Skin, digestion, mood has improved greatly. I love CHOQ!

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