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I just started trying this powder as an add on to my morning smoothie and daily supplements. Let me tell you I’m a huge fan of anything CHOQ sources.

To be determined

45 days and not much yet, I’ll let you guys know in 90!

Tony Marrone
Didn’t do anything

No increase in free or total testosterone

Daily - One Time Purchase


A month and a half in and can't say I've noticed any difference. I'm reserving judgement until after 90 days.

Definitely more energy

I have been taking the Star mens vitality for a month and a half now. Definitely have more energy. I am also slowly losing weight. My eating habits have not changed but my stomach is flatter and the love handles are disappearing. I’ve lost about seven pounds in fifty-five days.

the booster that should be mandated!

I have absolutely no scientific basis for this but I can say that the MOJO is back!

Brian Johnson
So far so good

I’ve been taking these for about two months now. It’s been subtle but I can tell a difference in my energy and overall want to do more physical activity. Very happy so far.

Shilajit - Subscription
Michael Joutras
Low dose and expensive

Title says it all.


I absolutely love the supplements, I noticed changes in myself within the first two days

No offense but so far your product has given no results but thank you for trying

Tongkat Ali

this product provides the energy and stamina to keep your daily activities to go on, great product!

Even works for cowgirls.

Wife is enjoying her STAQ, we now receive it monthly, the increase in energy and stamina is noticeable, and her bedroom prowess has definitely increased. Happy customers.

Male Vitality STAQ
Marquis Lovett

Male Vitality STAQ

Love it

Have to have it.

Dane Cummings


Daily - Subscription
Jerrell Buggs
love it

love it, need it , won't stop!

Energy Drinks Gone!

Usually I need an energy drink after lunch to make it through but after taking these I haven't spent the extra money or craved an energy drink. I feel like I have more energy and I feel too notch in the bedroom

Irish Moss - Subscription

Male Vitality STAQ
Barrett Tluchak
Life changing

Taking these supplements have changed my life. My focus and energy has changed the most noticeably and I recommend these products to everyone. Thank you Choq

Male Vitality STAQ Ultra

Renewed youthful energy.

Absolutely love the way I’ve been feeling since I started my STAQ. I’m full of energy, the wife loves the other enhancements it has brought up. I couldn’t be happier, actually looking forward to my next annual physical, I know my numbers will be off the charts, because I feel like I’m in my late 30s again. I’ll turn 55 my next born day. Thanks CHOQ for giving me my active life back without feeling run down and tired all the time. Putting in 14-16hr days on the farm this year is actually easier since I started taking Choq products. I subscribe to the mens vitality STAQ, and Lit Powder. Very satisfied customer!

Didn't really work for me

I don't know what the problem is but I've been having a problem with my stamina for quite some time and your Vitamin stack really did not help.