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Shilajit - Subscription
Susan Udelhofen
Fabulous product

My son swears by the product….he has had health issues and really benefits from it. Great company and customer service is amazing!

Ive used this product on and off for a couple of years. Each time I start to use it again, I see a noticable difference in my lungs and overall energy/health.

Testosterone Booster

It was after the second month of taking MVStaq that I began to feel its effects. Now that I am 75 years old, I needed something extra to keep me active in teaching high schoolers at a private school and also to have the energy to work out in the gym 5 days a week, something I love to do. Without these supplements I would have had to retire from these pursuits. The DAILY supplement really does boost testosterone as evidenced by the hair that started growing on my chest and a deepening of my voice. I also appreciate the steep discounts on CHOQ's products.

6 months later, BIG Difference

I have been taking CHOQ Staq for 6 months. I have seen my Test levels go from mid 500's to mid 700's in six months. I'm a believer and loyal customer now!!

Worth it

It honestly takes 6-8 weeks to really feel effectiveness. Worth every penny. Thanks to Jesse Kelly show for recommendation and promo code

Tongkat 100
Sascha Sungodz
Its legit

this stuff is legit it works


Best health product I’ve known, period.

Better than caffeine

Really helps my focus and my work ethic. I don’t need caffeine anymore plus I feel so much more energetic naturally.


I absolutely love to take Action 2.0 to keep me going throughout my day. It really helps you have a boost of energy while having no negative side effects. I highly recommend Action 2.0.

Joseph Huerena

I enjoy using the CHOQ product each day

Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

Noticeable mood stability

I had been using “daily” as a supplement and decided to switch it up and try “tonkat” due to a radio promo. Between the two I noticed that I had the same benefits as the daily but less with my coworkers and my stressful job in general.

Tongkat 100
Tongkat Boost Testosterone

Watched a GREAT podcast on Joe Rogan about Tongkat and heard some evidence that Tongkat can raise Testosterone Levels by 200 points, and I have learned it is not just about Total Testosterone level but also what percentage is free testosterone. CHOQ is definitely bringing a POWERHOUSE of herbs to restore the hormone balance that toxic environments can compromise. I have learned it is important that in conjunction with great herb allies we also have to eat right and exercise, along with living the healthy life that promotes wellness in our bodies on all levels, and hormonally being very important one. Thank you CHOQ for supporting all healthy upgrades we men require in our Love Revolution.

Male Vitality staq review

Best natural supplements I’ve ever taken. I’m approximately 75 days in and feel much more vitality and calm. Also notice much quicker recovery from workouts.

Daily - Subscription
Vanessa Locklear
The Best!

Can’t go a day without all of my Choq Supplements!

Use these to make chocolate brownies!!!

Gives you a great milky chocolatey brownie! I love the Ingredients and superfoods ! I recommend for baking and with coffee!

Life changing

If you want that thing that you’ve been been wanting but couldn’t really put your finger on it what you needed. Start taking these and you’ll find out

Male Vitality STAQ
Royce Brehm
Unreal results

The bottom number is after a couple of years of injections. Next number up is after moving to T gel. Next number up is no treatment. Top number is after 6 weeks of the Male Vitality Stack. There’s your proof.

Makes a Difference in my daily life

Tongkat is making a difference, and I feel it. I’m so grateful I have found CHOQ products. Currently I am taking 5 different products, and at 70 years old I feel healthier , more driven , less stressed and no need for a nap to pump me up.
To Choq : THANK YOU ….. William

Good stuff

Good stuff, but every 3 weeks is to much.
Every 4 weeks would be better ! The product is starting to stack up and will soon force me to stop my subscription.

Male Vitality STAQ
Works as expected - AWESOME!

There are 2 parts to this regimen, the daily side and the night time side. The daily side is great, within 30 minutes of taking my supplements I feel motivated. Not high energy, but also not content to sit around and do nothing. This is a big deal for a middle age guy like me who’s been more and more couch bound since I started working from home a few years ago. The night time side of the regimen has also been great. I’ve worn a WHOOP strap for 3 years and I track my REM and Deep Sleep daily. When I began taking the evening portion of the vitality stack my deep and rem sleep both increased by 20%. Thats a big step up from where I’ve been. I’ve also transitioned from not dreaming to having vivid and memorable dreams almost every night. Not once has it been a nightmare, but fun and strange adventures that my wife enjoys hearing about in the morning. Lastly, my memory has improved significantly since I started taking this product. I no longer teach for words when I’m talking. Overall I give this product 5 stars and I’ve been telling my friends about it too.

Alex Kislin

I feel great with this product I feel energized without the jitters and just overall calm and healthy

Choq Male Vitality STAQ Ultra

Really good stuff! I see and feel a difference; wish I had started earlier.


Works great! Try it ! Don't take my word for it listen to the Jesse Kelly show he will Teel you all about it!

90 essentiels minerals to have a body who cures naturaly and helps never get sick!!