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Good Stuff

Even better than Jarrow

Kyle Ritrovato
Great so far

Have taken one bottle of Choq Daily and have felt an increase in energy and drive. Just ordered a bottle of straight Shilajit, will see if it has an effect on its own.

Shilajit is life changing

Amazing stuff will never stop taking it!

Irish Moss
Oddvar Kristiansen
Gooood stuff

Hella horny 24/7
Will buy again

Shilajit - One Time Purchase

Tongkat 100
Works, but too pricey

You can feel it working the same day in just a couple of hours, but it just too expensive to buy it every month for that price.

It works

Can’t give you exact numbers bc I didn’t get a blood test before and after using product but I know I feel a big difference after a few weeks of taking Daily. It definitely raised testosterone levels and makes me feel great.

Excellent product!

Since I started taking it, I’ve felt my energy increase. I’ve also noticed an increase in my muscle growth since taking the choq daily


Can't go wrong

Daily - Subscription
Laura Naylor
Wonderful product

My husband has been taking the daily for a few months and love the results

Joel Stratton


Sustainable Uplifted Energy

WOW! Tongat 100 helped me change the way I interact with the world. Without it, I would occasionally have a positive and uplifted day, however, every day that I was taking it, I perceived life through a brighter lens, and took on challenges more courageously and energetically. My mood was incredible for days on end. I am grateful to have tried this product, which convinced me to subscribe to a consistent order of CHOQ supplements.

Eduardo Cortes

Great product boosted my energy

Care for customers

I had wrong purchase contacted ChoQ and had options to resolve the issue.

Hello how can i return my order

Best supplement

Best supplement on the market truly life changing

Lovin it!

I'm so glad I tried the Female Vitality pack! It's been more than a month and the Irish Sea Moss has got me jumping out of bed in the morning. I notice a difference in my skin as well, it's more clear and vibrant. I take the Ashwagandha at night and i can tell a difference in my mood. I'm 50 with 8 yr old twins and its definitely helped my mood swings, my kids are happy! Lol I saved the best for last because I'm in love with the Shilajit. I've been on my spiritual journey for 5 years now and this just sent me to the roof. My thoughts are clear and my meditation is deep. And I'm not sure if I can attribute this to the supplements but my sense of smell is crazy lately. I've noticed this certain fragrance in things that weren't there before. and I dont mean a pleasant one. I feel like it's a toxic fragrance in perfumes, lotions, even my garbage bags. Oh and I've been able to lessen the amount of supplements I take each day as this three pack has taken the place of 6 other supplements! I'm grateful on so many levels. I signed up for the subscription and just ordered my first bottle of Tongkat. I'll letcha know how that goes! Thanks Choq. You've got a good thing going here!!

I’m very pleased

I’m hooked, very pleased with the 7 wonders and the set of 5 items the male pack whatever they call it, but definitely going to get it monthly


Works good feels good a lot of energy n focus

Great stuff love it

I feel a difference after two months and will continue to use the product to see if it continues to help me focus and not be as cloudy

Tongkat 100 - One time purchase

Lessens my allergies

If I skip a day my allergies act up. I try to take this armor every day. Also I feel like it has helped increase my energy. Thank you!

All Choq products never disappoint

I haven't felt much with this one however all the other CHOQ products are great..

I like it

I really really love the products I feel better I feel smarter I just had a couple of mishaps on overcharging when I have discount codes

Thank you for providing these products that will change your life in dramatically positive ways, much love❤️