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Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

Had a reaction

Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

Tongkat 100 - Subscription
Fernando Ramirez

I feel like my test is so much higher and my bench went up like 20 pounds and it's only been like 40 days

Tongkat 100

Seems to be a very good product in terms of support for immune system as well as vitality. Will need a few more months tho.


I’m not really seeing a big difference from just taking regular muti vitamins. Maybe just a little.


I used the one-month supply as directed and felt nothing in the way of a noticeable impact. Wish I could say otherwise. Just another product that is all promo. Sad but not surprising.

Not as advertised

Results after 3 months not impressed. Will cancel as soon as I figure out how. Let me know process

Gives me energy

Gives me the energy I need without the shakes or carbs.

Dean Russo


Making a noticeable difference

I’m 71. I live a normal life, but I’m aging. It’s just a fact. Taking the Mens vitality STAQ has noticeably given me more sustained energy throughout the day.
I feel my memory and focus are improved, and for the first time in a number of years I’m sleeping better and wakeup feeling motivated.

Great Product!

I have been subscribing to Choq for quite some time and I have been finding that the Tongkat supplements are incredibly effective for my energy levels.
I also find their customer service team to be very excellent and prompt in replying to any concerns that I happened to inquire about.

CHOQ Minerals - One Time Purchase

Daily Supplement

I usually don't write reviews, but this is the exception . I am 66 years young . My recent blood work for Testosterone showed a marked increase with the Daily supplement started in April 2023 along with above average elliptical exercise in the same period . Here are my testosterone levels for comparison:
Sept 2023 - 556
Sept 2022:- 441
July 2020 - 459
July 2019 - 543
Dec 2015 - 577
Wow - Almost back to my 2015 level .

APEX Glutathione
Scott Glynn-Armstrong
Great effect

Always makes me feel amazing.

Tisha Cottman
CHOQ Daily is an outstanding product

My husband has been lifting weights faithfully and diligently since he was a teenager. He never took steroids or anything like that and has always been very strong. However, in the past few years, after reaching the age of 50, it was getting more difficult for him to make the same gains that he used to, and he felt like he was losing a lot of his muscle mass and strength. I heard about CHOQ Daily from @JohnConstas on Twitter, and I suggested that we order him a subscription. He started taking it. After one month, we didn't see much of a change. After two months, he seemed to be making very slight gains, but nothing overly noticeable really occurred. But after three months, the difference was really starting to show up. He has now been taking it daily for almost five months, and he looks and feels so much younger, happier, healthier, and stronger that he has in quite a few years. It makes me so happy to see him enjoying himself in the gym again. And while he has always taken great care of himself, I believe that in this case, CHOQ Daily has truly made all the difference. If you're on the fence, try it out for at least 3-5 months before making a judgment. It has truly been worth every penny to us. And by the way, their customer service is top notch, too! I highly recommend this product & this company.

Male Vitality STAQ
Melissa Roten

My husband did not see any changes at all after taking this product

Male Vitality STAQ
Lance Bergkamp

Male Vitality STAQ

Daily - Subscription
Phil Glovier

Daily - Subscription

Daily - Subscription
Gary Kromrei
Quality supplement

These supplements are top quality and work as stated!

Robert Hales
Helpful but not enough

I could feel some improvement but not enough to get the job done.

Good product

Feel better, more energy

Waste of money

I have been taking the men’s vitality ultra stacks for about half a year. I really wanted this product to work being a U.S. based company. I guess my favorite author Jessie Kelly is not correct about everything. I experienced not difference in the gym, life energy levels or libido increases. All in all very disappointing expensive product with no results.

Works as advertised.

Im pleased with the results... and so is my wife

It's too good!

I make my Lit with hot water and coconut oil... such a treat-absolutely delicious.