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Great Product!

Actually I think is a very potent product! I want to start a subscription!

CHOQ Chad Mode - Subscription

1month review

Im 1 month into my subscription and so far it seems like my energy levels are consistently higher. I will continue taking shilajit.

Daily - Subscription

Shilajit - Subscription
Michael Parker

Customer service is very good. Respond quickly. I love choq shilajit. I take them every morning before working out and feel very energized during my workouts.

Skeptical At First

It’s good to be skeptical of anything you haven’t personally tried before, like I was with the shilajit supplement. My skepticism was put to rest after the first week. Not that it took a week for me to feel the benefits. I felt the increased energy and experienced no crash after the first day of use. However, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just placebo. Now it’s become a staple in my work-week morning supplement routine. Would’ve been nice to have found out about shilajit earlier in my life but very grateful to be using it now.

Customer Service

At me request, you agreed to customize my monthly subscription to a six month subscription to save on shipping costs. I really appreciated your response to my request.

Tongkat 100 - Subscription

CHOQ minerals

It has been helping me detox. I feel more energetic and full of life. I believe it helps me absorb more nutrients in my gut. My eyes have more color and life. It is good stuff.

Stronger, faster, harder.

I felt a difference within a week.
Quick recovery generally and from a injury.

Daily - One Time Purchase


Good , I take them every day

Men's Vitality Staq

The Men's Vital Staq is awesome. I will probably start a monthly auto-ship.


I can feel the difference taking shilajit and great customer service!

Daily supplement and Lit.

Great product! I'm 57 and have noticed a big difference. I've lost weight and have more energy.

Seven Wonders

The seven wonders support definitely helps with inflammation. I take it nightly and helps with waking up in the mornings.

Strong like bull!

Awesome product I got 2 months worth but it’s to pricey for me. Bidenomics is really affecting me and my family. If the price was more reasonable I’ll get again.

Did not do anything for me. Expensive to

Feel Much Better

I have been taking the vitality staq for about 3 months. I did start with a couple extra bottles of Tongkat 100 to take two of those per day instead of the 1 serving in the staq. In a short time I started to feel better and sleep better. Based on how bad I felt, I'd say I feel way better. My plan is to continue the staq for a long time.

Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

Irish Moss - One Time Purchase

give it time

I am 78 years old and looking for energy. taking two a day but have not noticed a difference. still working on the experience.

Daily - Subscription
James Cooley

Daily - Subscription


Great stuff Ashwagandha Understand it can take several weeks to actually feel results