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When I started this regimen, I wondered if it could really be as advertised. I heard about it on the Jesse Kelly Show and I trust him completely but one never really knows. Well, after about 2 weeks I started feeling more upbeat and energetic. I’ve been taking the men’s vitality staq for almost 5 weeks now and I feel better than I’ve had in several years. I have so much energy that I keep looking for things to do. It’s almost annoying but in a good way. I hope to use this energy to start working out soon and get my body in better shape.

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Male Vitality STAQ
Mario Figueroa
Dissatisfied with it!

It is supposed to help around 90 days and as of now I don’t feel any change. So now I received the second order and the 90 days are not there yet. Should it not be that after the 90 days of trying it, the 2nd order would be sent?

Tongkat 100 - One time purchase

Tongkat 100 - One time purchase
Christopher Sgouros
So far it seems extremely effective.

I’m taking this with a bunch of other stuff, so isolating the effectiveness is kind of difficult, but my progress fitness wise has been consistently improving, and the research seems to line up with it. I’m really happy with the sourcing from Choq, and the deals you get when you buy in massive quantities.


Paula Perez

Haven’t been consistent enough to review you product properly.

Powerful stuff

Blood flow crazy. Don’t wear tight joggers in public you might regret it

New customer

It seems to be helping, but it is still too early for me to be certain.

Choq Subscription

I really am enjoying the benefits of my vitality stack and the 7 wonders but I would like to benefit from the 35% off for life that is advertised on the Jesse Kelly show.

Tongkat 100
Carlos Campozano

Tongkat 100 - Tongkat Ali Supplement

Tongkat 100 - Subscription

Male Vitality STAQ
Robert Leininger

I tried your $140 stack. First, it is overpriced. Second, it did nothing for me. It was a total waste of money.

Daily - Subscription
Sean Connelly

Daily - Subscription

It's HIGH ENERGY, baby!

But seriously though, don't take this stuff too close to bedtime. It'll give you a nice stimulus throughout the day if you take it early, right around 10-11 a.m.

Daily - Subscription
Michael OBrien

Haven't noticed a benefit yet. Still using it everyday.

Male Vitality STAQ
wayne mcmanus
No difference thus far

Still optimistic, but haven’t noticed any changes. Good customer support though.

Male Vitality STAQ
Lavern Shearer
No improvement

After taking for 2 months STAQ has not helped at all.

Matt Dickman
Great quality. Great service.

The quality of your products is second to none.
Your service is even better. Thank you!!!

No changes

I don’t feel any different than before. Nothing’s changed so far but I haven’t reached the 90 days yet.

No change

I've been taking Choq for 6 weeks and have noticed no change!

Daily - One Time Purchase
Vladimir Tutsman

Excellent service ,not sure what to say about the product yet , too soon. Definitely have more energy though.

APEX Glutathione
Joseph Mac
great stuff

just the best

Great company

Customer service is top notch and love the product.

Still hopefully optimistic

I have been taking the stack for 3 weeks notice some benefits but hopeful for more over time. Product is high quality but really pricey


Love the stack, all around great stack. From the daily to the tong to the ash. Can’t go wrong and I’m a 47 year old male and the tong is like I’m a 17 year old when the wife wants that special attention. The ash definitely helps with the sleep. The daily is amazing as well.