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7 organic mushrooms blended to perfection
Seven wonders
From: $44.00 / month

100% organic, featuring seven of the most powerful immune and energy-boosting mushrooms from all over the world.

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Premium Bolivian cacao beans
Beyond Organic
From: $49.00

Certified with 97.3% heirloom genetics and organically grown in Bolivia. If you're not a cacao snob already, YOU WILL BE AFTER YOU TRY THESE!

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8 clinical studies and counting
Himalayan Origin
From: $39.00 / month

Optimize hormones, enhance energy levels, and support healthy collagen synthesis with the most clinically-researched Shilajit in existence.

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Clean, plant-based testosterone support
Testosterone FTW
From: $49.00 / month

All-natural testosterone, energy, and mood support, featuring 500mg of CHOQ Purified Shilajit and dopamine-boosting Mucuna Pruriens.

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You can now ask Dr. Matt questions about herbs, nutrients, and natural living!  

Just go to our CHOQ NATION YOUTUBE CHANNEL and pick any video you find interesting.  Hit the subscribe button, then leave a question in the comments section that says “Hey Dr. Matt” and he will personally answer each one of them!

Dr. Matt is also ON OUR INSTAGRAM DOING LIVES multiple times per week!

(Dr. Matt Dorsey is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and cannot answer any questions that are medical in nature or refer in any way to diseases.  Please speak with a physician to receive medical guidance and treatment.)




Dr. Matt talks with Dr. Sanni Raju and Dr. Anthony Thomas on Shilajit history and science

Proprietary Blends: They're Trying to Trick You!

It's an all-too-common deceptive tactic that plagues the supplements industry: using proprietary blends to under-dose you!

Dr. Matt on Instagram Live

It's not all about hormones! Yes, hormonal health is absolutely critical, but there are many, many ways to support your vitality.

the choq standard


Safety first


Supplements that work


Full disclosure labels

We test everything. Twice.

All CHOQ products are bottled in a cGMP-certified facility and every single batch is third-party tested for contaminants like heavy metals and bacteria. Testing is done on both the front and the back end, meaning that the individual raw ingredients and the finished product are both lab-analyzed. Anything that doesn't meet our strict quality standards is rejected.

We make supplements you can feel.

Our formulators are trained experts in herbology and nutrition, so CHOQ products contain the right form and dose of each ingredient. Instead of using raw herbal material, we use standardized extracts that have been lab-verified to contain specific amounts of active phytochemicals. Our vitamins and minerals are always in a highly bioavailable, natural form that the body can easily work with.

We tell you everything.

Many companies use proprietary blends to hide the fact that they're underdosing you to save money. Unlike 90% of supplement companies, CHOQ practices full-disclosure labeling, meaning that we give you the exact amount of every active ingredient. We also share the references to the studies that have been done on the many unique and patented ingredients we feature so you can review the research for yourself.





The initial step by the CHOQ Research and Development team is to envision how a specific product can optimize human physiology and produce the most powerful results possible. The team first focuses on traditional uses of herbs by ancient cultures with established use cases then selects the herbs and ingredients with comprehensive research that validates their function.



CHOQ R&D searches the globe for premium ingredients, selecting only those of the highest purity and effectiveness that are well-documented by clinical studies and research. For example, the 100:1 Tongkat Ali extract we use is wildcrafted in Malaysian rainforests, hot water extracted to increase potency one hundredfold, and has 13 human clinical studies supporting its effectiveness.



The CHOQ R&D team has taken the art and science of formulation to the highest level, combining herbs and nutrients that individually produce certain results, and when combined work synergistically to greatly enhance the potency of the product and overall impact on its user.



CHOQ products have been strategically developed to “stack” for optimal results. Bundles are intended to optimize common areas of concern such as immunity, energy, and focus. Bundling our products increases the desired results and substantially reduces the cost.



Consistent dosing is essential to maximize the effects of nutritional supplements. Clinical trials have demonstrated that more significant results occur after several consecutive months of use. CHOQ has developed subscription-based delivery to ensure customers attain the optimum results with maximum ease.

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