Tongkat Ali Benefits for Men

Tongkat Ali is the undisputed champion of T-boosters, but not all Tongkats are created equal, and CHOQ doesn’t use anything less than the best of the best.

Our patent-protected Tongkat Ali (Longjack) is the subject of 23 clinical studies, wildcrafted in the Malaysian rainforest, and clinically proven to enhance testosterone while improving sleep quality and reducing fatigue.

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The King of Testosterone: 

massively upgraded.

Tongkat 100 features the ONLY wild-crafted, authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali extract validated by 23 clinical studies and counting.

Tongkat Ali benefits include:

  • Increased biosynthesis of Testosterone and DHEA
  • Enhanced physical and mental energy
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Healthy fat metabolism
  • Improved sleep quality

But the science doesn’t stop there.

Every batch of this extract is lab-verified to contain 28% bioactive eurypeptides, 40% glyco saponins, and 0.8% eurycomanone, and also carefully screened for contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, and mold.

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Tongkat ali Checklist: Prevent Side Effects By Ensuring Safety

Long-time fans of this herb know that the benefits of Tongkat Ali / Longjack are wide-ranging, including  vitality, mental sharpness, drive, confidence, male performance, and many others…

But this only holds true if the product is quality.

Of course, whenever you have an herb this sought-after, there are going to be plenty of bad actors in the marketplace.

It happened with ginseng, and now it’s happening with our beloved Tongkat.  In today’s “Wild West” landscape, it’s crucial that you stay informed as a consumer.

Too many Tongkats are untested, improperly extracted, and grown in foreign environments that don’t support the generation of optimal levels of bioactive eurypeptides, glyco saponins, and eurycomanone, the critical phytochemicals responsible for the boosts in energy, metabolism, and mood that Tongkat is world-famous for.

If you’re shopping around, ask your supplier if their Tongkat is up to snuff.  Use this checklist to see how CHOQ Tongkat 100 stacks up against the competition:

Lab analyzed for contaminants like heavy metals and bacteria

Clinically researched to support healthy testosterone, mood, energy, metabolism, and sleep

Sustainably wildcrafted in the rainforests of Malaysia using fair trade practices

100x potency (100 mg of extract is made from 10,000 mg of plant material)

Developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

100% Vegan (as are all CHOQ products)

Patented water-based ultrafiltration extraction technology guarantees high consistency of bioactives from batch to batch

US Patent# 7,132,117 B2

Scientifically validated 

Tongkat Ali is better

The extract in Tongkat 100 has been the subject of 23 clinical studies.

Click the button below to browse clinical studies on this all-star extract.

The Best Tongkat Ali / Longjack Money Can Buy

The highest echelon plant intelligence of the Malaysian rainforest meets the potency, efficacy, and safety only cutting-edge science can provide.

It’s easy to farm some Tongkat, dry it, throw it into some capsules, and charge premium prices.

Want to know what’s not easy?

Painstakingly wildcrafting it, and then creating a patented 100:1 extraction process that yields consistent levels of critical bioactive phytochemicals with every batch, including eurycomanones, glyco saponins, and eurypeptides.

Nothing less than a world-class, ecologically harvested, lab-verified herbal supplement will do if you want the ultimate Longjack.


When you take this Tongkat Ali extract, you can look forward to:

Seriously Increased Testosterone Levels in just 3 weeks

The patented extract in CHOQ® Tongkat 100 increased testosterone (free T) by an average of 87% in healthy male volunteers in only 21 days.  Bost your confidence and vitality in less than a month, while also supporting healthy muscle mass and adrenal function.  Works especially well for aging males. 

Enhanced Mental and Physical Stamina

Tongkat Ali is also called ‘Malaysian Ginseng’ because it’s a superior whole-body adaptogen, meaning that it supports athletic endurance and mental acuity.  Clinical studies have demonstrated improvements in bench press, balance, and overall muscular endurance, as well as enhanced psychological mood states.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Participants given this patented Tongkat extract during 5 weeks of strength training showed increased fat burning, decreased body fat percentage, and enhanced anabolic growth.  Part of this effect is through a reduction of cortisol, which can break muscles down and lead to weight gain when not kept in check.

Healthy Cortisol Levels and Stress Response

This 100x extract has also been demonstrated in clinical studies to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which supports a sense of calm as well as increased muscle growth.  Maintaining an optimal testosterone-to-cortisol ratio is crucial for keeping a level head in deep waters.

Improved Sleep Quality

Adaptogens like Tongkat exert a wide array of effects on the body because they regulate the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, which influences the nervous system and circadian rhythms.  When stress hormones like cortisol are modulated and kept in balance, sleep naturally improves and bedtime relaxation becomes easier.


Made possible by advanced chemistry and the rainforests of Malaysia


Increased Free Testosterone by over 85% in just 21 days

Each 100 mg capsule contains the equivalent of 10,000 mg of raw materials


Guaranteed 40% glyco saponins, ensuring consistent results with every batch

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Still have more questions about the benefits of our Tongkat Ali Extract? Read here.

What is Eurycomanone?

Eurycomanone is one of the key compounds in Tongkat Ali (Longjack) that gives this plant many of its beneficial properties.  It’s considered a quassinoid, which is a category of phytochemical that is found in various plants that are in the genus Quassia.

Quassinoids have various health-promoting properties, but especially tend to support healthy immune function and cellular reproduction.

 Eurycomanone supports:

  • Healthy testosterone levels
  • Healthy inflammation response
  • Fertility and spermatogenesis
  • Healthy cellular reproduction
  • Healthy immune function

Supporting scientific references:

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Ahmad, N., Samiulla, D. S., Teh, B. P., Zainol, M., Zolkifli, N. A., Muhammad, A., Matom, E., Zulkapli, A., Abdullah, N. R., Ismail, Z., & Syed Mohamed, A. F. (2018). Bioavailability of Eurycomanone in Its Pure Form and in a Standardised Eurycoma longifolia Water Extract. Pharmaceutics, 10(3), 90.

Which Tongkat Ali Supplement Contains the Most Eurycomanone?

Eurycomanone is one of the phytochemicals that gives Tongkat Ali many of its health promoting properties. The extract in CHOQ® Tongkat 100 is standardized to contain at least 0.8% eurycomanone. This certificate of authenticity shows our Tongkat at 0.97%.

Because the majority of Tongkat Ali supplements do not list the quantities of active compounds like we do, it’s extremely difficult to know which products contain the highest levels of eurycomanone.

Although there are products that claim to contain a substantial amount of eurycomanone, it should be noted that it’s not the only phytochemical in Tongkat Ali that is responsible for its health benefits. 

Tongkat 100 is also standardized to contain at least 40% glyco saponins and 22% eurypeptides. 

Glyco saponins support healthy immunity, cardiovasular function, and free radical scavenging (they are antioxidants).  Eurypeptides support the production of DHEA (the parent molecule of Testosterone) and also regulate SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), thereby activating more testosterone in the blood. 

Is your Tongkat Ali Extract Made with Toxic Chemicals?

No, the patented extraction process that this ingredient uses is entirely water-based, while other brands use a variety of different chemical solvents that may or may not be toxic.

Are Tongkat Ali Side Effects Something I Should Worry About?

Tongkat Ali is extremely safe when used as directed.  Because it can be stimulating and powerfully supports testosterone, in larger doses it may cause mild restlessness and irritability that will go away shortly after you discontinue taking the herb.

While the vast majority of men enjoy the incredible benefits of Tongkat Ali without having any noticeable side effects, everyone is unique, and it’s best to discuss this supplement with your medical practitioner to see whether it’s right for you as an individual.

The most important Tongkat Ali side effects to worry about, however, aren’t from the plant itself, but rather what can happen when you buy an inferior product that may be contaminated with adulterants like heavy metals, bacteria, and mold.

Our Tongkat Ali extract is thoroughly tested to ensure that every batch is safe: something that you won’t always find with all of our competitors. 

How long before Tongkat Ali starts to work?

Some users report noticeable effects within 2-3 days of use, but the clinical research done on the extract in CHOQ® Tongkat 100 was shown to increase free Testosterone by an average of 87% in healthy male volunteers in only 3 weeks. 

Many other benefits–such as decreased stress hormones (cortisol), increased libido / sexual performance, and healthy enegy levels–are commonly seen within the first 2-4 weeks of use. 

Why is your tongkat ali supplement better than the cheap one I found on Amazon?

Remember: you get what you pay for.  There are countless cheap Tongkat Ali supplements on the market that come from China.

Many Amazon Tongkat Ali Products have the following problems:

  • No clinical research to back them up (ours has 23 clinical studies)
  • May be extracted with toxic solvents (ours is made with water)
  • Farmed with pesticides (ours is wild-crafted in the rainforest of Malaysia)
  • Not lab-verified for active compounds (every batch of ours is measured)
  • May contain unacceptable amounts of contaminants (ours is carefully inspected)
  • Could cause side effects based on improper dosing (possibly too high)

If you’d like to learn more about how our product compares to some of the cheaper brands on Amazon, and how to evaluate the quality of a Tongkat Ali extract in general, check out this blog: Product Showdown: Tongkat 100 vs. Nusapure Tongkat Ali