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Optimize your free and total testosterone levels to experience game-changing energy, performance, and confidence.

Our flagship men’s herbal adaptogen blend, Daily contains a full 500mg of Purified Shilajit for evidence-based results (see our page on Shilajit benefits to learn more).

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CHOQ Daily supports:

  • Increased free and total testosterone
  • Clean energy and focus
  • Healthy adrenal function
  • Mitochondrial energy production (ATP)
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Collagen synthesis for healthy bones, joints, and skin
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Customer Reviews

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Ralph Weber
It works

Been using daily for some time now replacing a more expensive brand. Although going from a gel for Testosterone to a 1//2 a pill I’ve benifited with Choq daily from. a level that was from. 199 or 96 to a 300+ testosterone level. Don’t knock this till you try it! I’ll tell you what? If Choq came out with a pill that was better that daily with a dual acting and could raise it to 500. I’d be a tester for the company! That’s how satisfied I am with Choq.

Gordon Murphy
CHOQ Daily

I am 66 years old and have struggled with low testosterone since my 40's. Had a prescription for testosterone for a few years but after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and having it removed, doctors would not prescribe it again and my T levels plummeted leaving me zapped of energy. After taking the recommended daily dose of CHOQ Daily for just three months, I noticed an increase in energy and asked my doctor to check my T levels. My T level has increased significantly over my 2021 levels. My urologist was amazed at the change and asked for more information about the product and I happily shared it with him. Another plus is that with light exercise I have lost 5 inches in my waist and a total of 25 pounds! I have tried the other popular supplements in the past with no noticeable improvements so now I recommend CHOQ Daily to anyone suffering from low testosterone. I'm looking forward to the coming months to see just how high my levels will be!

Craig Carrell

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Michael Tillis
Was hoping for more

it didn't help at all

Jessica Biczo
Not seeing any change

I am disappointed as I am not seeing any change from taking these. It s also hard to cancel your subscription.