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ACTION 2.0: Beast Mode in a Bottle.

CHOQ® Commandment: thou shalt ALWAYS improve thy products

We’ve taken all the best elements of the original formula: fast-acting nitric oxide boosters, cellular energy support, and better blood flow–and optimized it for cardiovascular and inflammatory health with a best-in-class roster of research-based ingredients from the world’s top suppliers.

Try CHOQ® ACTION 2.0 and prepare yourself for all day energy and game-changing performance!


Professional-grade cellular energy support without stimulants

Engage beast mode.

CHOQ® ACTION 2.0 boasts industry-leading Nitric Oxide support but goes way beyond a simple NO product.  In addition to maximizing blood flow, Action 2.0:

  • Enhances mitochondrial energy output
  • Eases post-workout recovery
  • Increases lean muscle mass and power output
  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Drives antioxidant pathways to protect cells from free radical damage

It’s a top-tier performance enhancer for both men and women, strong enough for athletes looking for a major competitive boost.

But it’s not all about the gym: ACTION 2.0 also supports a healthy inflammation response and cardiovascular wellbeing. 

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evidence-based ingredients at therapeutic dosages

Quality matters.  R&D matters.  So please allow us to brag about the evidence-based roster of ingredients we put together:

ElevATP® Ancient Peat & Apple Extract

When it comes to sustained, stimulant-free energy, it’s all about ATP.  ElevATP® is an adaptogenic blend made of ancient peat and apple extract that has been clinically proven to enhance mitochondrial ATP production.

150mg of ElevATP® supports:

  • Increased lean muscle and strength
  • Enhanced power output and training volume
  • Healthy collagen formation
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis (via PGC-1a)
  • Healthy expression of inflammatory mediators such as NFkB, COX-2, and TNFa
  • Synthesis of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant and chemical detox compound
RhodioLife® Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is arguably the most famous herb on the planet for enhancing athletic performance, mood, and focus.  Unfortunately, the market is full of adulterated rhodiola extracts that haven’t been properly vetted.

That’s why we chose Rhodiolife®, the world’s first third-party verified rhodiola rosea, wilcrafted in the Altai mountains of Siberia and standardized to contain consistent quantities of 6 different key phytochemicals using UHPLC.

250 mg of Rhodiolife® supports:

  • Mitochondrial energy production
  • Healthy cognitive function
  • Neurotransmitter optimization and positive mood
  • Healthy circulation and oxygen transport
  • Game-changing endurance and stamina
Leucoselect® Grape Seed Extract

With over 35 studies to date, Leucoselect® is the most clinically researched grape seed extract on the market.  Unlike many other grape seed extracts, Leucoselect® is easy to absorb because it contains a high percentage of low molecular weight OPCs.

150 mg of this best-in-class Italian grape seed extract supports:

  • Collagen stabilization through inhibition of enzymes that break down joint tissues
  • Enhanced capillary strength and peripheral circulation
  • Post-workout recovery and healthy inflammation response
  • Neutralization of mitochondria-generated free radicals
ENOVITA® Grape Seed Extract

Another fine Italian grape seed extract, ENOVITA® at 150 mg supports:

  • Healthy blood pressure already in the normal range
  • Enhanced blood flow at the level of microcirculation
  • Healthy inflammation response
Capros® Organic Amla Extract

Capros® is the premier research-based blood flow booster: a multi-patented organic Amla extract that’s backed by 11 clinical studies.  500 mg of Capros® supports:

  • Over 50% increased production of Nitric Oxide and Glutathione
  • Healthy muscle recovery and inflammation response
  • Healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • Heart muscle strength
  • Athletic endurance
  • Liver detoxification


S7™ Superfood Blend

S7™ is a blend of 7 superfoods that is clinically demonstrated to increase your nitric oxide production by 230%.

50 mg of S7™ supports:

  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Free radical scavenging
  • Cellular oxygen delivery
Vegan B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Nearly all the B vitamins are crucial for mitochondrial function and cellular energy production, but of all of them, B12 is one of the most important, which is why we chose to use the bioidentical, bioactive methylcobalamin instead of the often-used cyanocobalamin, which does not occur in nature and contains cyanide.

500 mcg of Methylcobalamin supports:

  • Cellular energy production
  • Healthy blood cell formation
  • Dopamine production
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Immediate jitter-free energy
  • Healthy plant-based lifestyle
Organic Beet Root

No nitric oxide booster is complete without beet root.  Rather than a main driver, our USDA-certified organic beet root serves to provide a clean source of dietary nitrates to support the other all-star, evidence-based nitric oxide boosters in Action 2.0.

1000 mg of Organic Beet Root supports:

  • Nitric oxide production through the nitratenitritenitric oxide (NO) pathway
  • Red blood cell and hemoglobin support
  • Healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range


Experimentally validated because research matters

In total, the ingredients in CHOQ® Action 2.0 have been the subject of over 55 clinical studies.

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Are you ready to upgrade to 2.0?

Only a professionally formulated product backed by stacks of clinical research could bring you this kind of game-changing, all-natural energy while also delivering on blood flow, endurance, and healthy inflammation response. 

It’s time to upgrade your lifestyle.  It’s time for ACTION 2.0.

Smooth, All-Day Energy by Maximizing ATP

In the cell, ATP is king.  Clinically proven ElevATP®, Rhodiolife®, and Capros® offer top-tier mitochondrial support that lifts you up without dropping you down because they’re working with your body’s natural energy currency.

Smart Nitric Oxide Support for Superior Blood Flow

Get dramatic circulation increases for sustained high performance, but with plant-based, heart-healthy ingredients instead of the junk and fillers you find in most athletic supplements.

Healthy Inflammation Response

CHOQ® is all about having fun, but we’re also looking out for you in the long run.  Ingredients like ElevATP®, CAPROS®, and Leucoselect® ensure that your body is protected against free radical damage, helping to support cardiovascular health.

Neurotransmitters For the Win

Whether you’re training for a cross-country race or just running a gauntlet of emails, ACTION 2.0 gives you the clean, feel-good focus you’d expect from a natural, plant-based product but with the power you might expect from something naughtier.


Precision formulated for tangible results.


Boosts ATP in muscles up to 333% within two hours


Increases nitric oxide production by over 230%

Delivers Beast Mode Performance 365 Days a Year

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Action 2.0

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