CHOQ Lit Cacao Beans

From: $49.00

WARNING: once you try these beans, you’ll be a chocolate snob forever!

Each package contains 16 oz. of whole cacao beans.

WE HAVE A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY from a single farm in Bolivia that has sold out of these beans. We have purchased their entire yield for this particular bean and it will not be available again for a while, which is why we’re not offering subscriptions.

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CHOQ Organic Heirloom Cacao Beans

$49.00 each
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Our Cacao Beans are:

  • Organically grown without the use of pesticides
  • Criollo variety (as opposed to lower quality Forastero)
  • Certified to have 97.3% heirloom genetics
  • 10% richer in cacao butter than most other beans
  • Less bitter, with notes of citrus and aged fruit
  • Recognized by the Cocoa of Excellence Competition
  • 100% GMO-free 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Zach O
Im in Love with the COCO

These bean are so good. Got the best unique flavors. I enjoy these with some dried Date. Beans AND Dates. Two thumbs up.

Helen O'Connor
choq chocolate

very interesting to try out. I have been trying to brew it with mixed results.

Dianna Donnelly
Best DIY Chocolates ever!

I made chocolate covered cocao beans for a holiday gathering and they were a favorite for sure. I can't wait to bake more with them.

Elizabeth White
Cacao Beans

LOVE the cacao beans!! Perfect healthy snack that can be added to protein shakes , healthy desserts or alone.

Kimberly Drier
Cacao Beans

I love these beans, a handful chewed slowly gives me all the pleasure of a chocolate snack without the sugar and processing chemicals.