Male Vitality STAQ

From: $133.00 / month

INCLUDES: Daily, Tongkat 100, and Ashwagandha

The CHOQ Male Vitality STAQ is a POWERFUL 3-product bundle for men.

CHOQ Daily is our flagship men’s vitality product, with a full 500 mg research-based dose of Purified Shilajit, plus herbs like Tribulus Terrestris for energy, mood, testosterone, and healthy libido.

Tongkat 100 and Ashwagandha dramatically enhance the testosterone boosting effects of Daily, while also providing world-class effects on focus, drive, and stress response.

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The Male Vitality STAQ supports:

  • Evidence-Based Testosterone Support
  • Powerful Energy & Focus
  • Adrenal and Libido Health
  • Healthy Circulation Throughout the Body
  • Male Performance and Drive
  • Healthy Stress Response

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Ryan Durkee
Great product, but expensive

Fantastic product, but couldn't continue using due to current economic situation. Gotta but gasoline and food instead.

Bruce Zimmerman
I think it’s working…

I’ve got some extra energy for everything. I actually think it’s working!

Brian Johnson
Did not work for me.

I gave it a try for 30 days and felt nothing. To much money for nothing. Thanks

Rashad Arjomand

Male Vitality STAQ

Stevie Wheeler

I already eat pretty clean and work out. I haven’t really noticed a significant difference. I also fast for 10-13 hours and eat two meals a day. Maybe if I take it a few more months. I also work night shift so I’m usually pretty tired.