Male Vitality STAQ

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Our Premier Testosterone-Boosting STAQ


INCLUDES: Daily, Tongkat 100, and Ashwagandha

The CHOQ Male Vitality STAQ is a POWERFUL 3-product bundle for men.

CHOQ Daily is our flagship men’s vitality product, with a full 500 mg research-based dose of Purified Shilajit, plus herbs like Tribulus Terrestris for energy, mood, testosterone, and healthy libido.

Tongkat 100 and Ashwagandha dramatically enhance the testosterone-boosting effects of Daily, while also providing world-class effects on focus, drive, and stress response.

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The Male Vitality STAQ supports:

  • Evidence-Based Testosterone Support
  • Powerful Energy & Focus
  • Adrenal and Libido Health
  • Healthy Circulation Throughout the Body
  • Male Performance and Drive
  • Healthy Stress Response

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Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

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Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Robert Gregor
Testosterone Booster

It was after the second month of taking MVStaq that I began to feel its effects. Now that I am 75 years old, I needed something extra to keep me active in teaching high schoolers at a private school and also to have the energy to work out in the gym 5 days a week, something I love to do. Without these supplements I would have had to retire from these pursuits. The DAILY supplement really does boost testosterone as evidenced by the hair that started growing on my chest and a deepening of my voice. I also appreciate the steep discounts on CHOQ's products.

Julio A.
6 months later, BIG Difference

I have been taking CHOQ Staq for 6 months. I have seen my Test levels go from mid 500's to mid 700's in six months. I'm a believer and loyal customer now!!

Jimmy Inman
Worth it

It honestly takes 6-8 weeks to really feel effectiveness. Worth every penny. Thanks to Jesse Kelly show for recommendation and promo code

James Anderson

Men’s Vitality STAQ - Subscription

Tim Lange
Male Vitality staq review

Best natural supplements I’ve ever taken. I’m approximately 75 days in and feel much more vitality and calm. Also notice much quicker recovery from workouts.