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Jonathan Simpkins

CHOQ’s Shilajit: Earth’s Premier Super Vitalizer

Welcome! By you being here, you’ve reached a vital connection to your health questions. Right off the cuff, you having CHOQ’s Shilajit is about you having success in clearing away toxic debris.


Blood of the Earth


Deep down below the surface of the earth, in places where eons of time and the evolution of earth’s landscape has hidden the story of our past, there is a substance, formed from the humification of layer, upon layer, upon layer of biological material. Like sap leaking from the wound of a resinous tree, this exudate seeps from the cracks and crevices of rocks atop the tallest mountains, as if the blood of the earth.

Contained within this material is evidence of the entire history of our planet, from ancient sea beds, and crustacean-lined shores, to freshwater rivers, alluvial plains, and boreal forests. Ancient ecosystems have risen and fallen to then become digested by the belly of the earth, systematically swallowed up, brought down, compacted, covered over, reduced to its finest and most essential element.

Within this primeval material, a vital concentrated marrow of life itself, you find heretofore unknown and little understood elements that can activate your DNA, electromagnetically charge your cells, and restore your intelligence to be like that of a wolf. Can you take hold of this miracle of nature to assist your own body to heal itself?

Detoxification is a necessity in today’s world. CHOQ’s purified Shilajit is the finest substance of its kind available anywhere on earth. A mineral-rich pitch formed and matured inside the Earth from a confluence of life’s many vibrations, Shilajit has been called “the destroyer of weakness” since time immemorial.

You can have increased vitality and rejuvenated cellular function by using this most essential bio-terrain restorative. Shilajit has been applied for millennia for its cornucopia of benefits, and in today’s world, which has run rampant with dangerous chemicals and toxic materials, you require the chief heavy metal and chemical detoxification substance on the Earth.

Prescribed for centuries by ayurvedic practitioners, this unique bioactive crystalline substance is effective enough to facilitate the dissolving of scale-like deposits throughout the body’s tissue, including in the organs and brain!

Daily ingestion of CHOQ’s Shilajit, in combination with adopting behaviors of a healthy diet, natural lifestyle, and rest, has been reported to erase body fat, smooth and prevent wrinkles, assist correct hormonal imbalance, improve energy, promote a healthy mood and deep sleep. Wow. You can learn more about this as you continue to read below; so stay excited and tuned in, and here we go…

Want to learn about why CHOQ Purified Shilajit is vastly superior to Shilajit resin?

Be sure to check out our comprehensive Shilajit Benefits page

Shilajit Applied Across the Ages


Across the centuries, Shilajit has had many names and many uses in different parts of the world. Stories of immortal sages and invincible warriors have been interlaced with tales of this glimmering earth plasma and its mythical-status rejuvenating properties.

Arabs ­called it “oraculjbol”, meaning mountain sweat, or otherwise simply “mumijo.” To the Burmese, Shilajit was known as “chaotu,” or blood of the mountain. Mongolians and Tibetans had a word meaning “rock juice,” and in other places, Shilajit was referred to as “stone oil.”

The word “mummy” actually means “to protect the body,” and the most ancient stories about this “mummia” appeared in Persia. There was an area of mountains devoid of vegetation. To assist the villagers survive, the mountains gave a miraculous cure ­as this mountain resin. It was told that mummia is born of both the earth and the sun, and only the priests of the sun god Mithra were able to gather it.

All over the earth, legends have been told regarding the purifying and strengthening qualities of Shilajit.


Timeless Solution for Modern Challenges


Until you’ve used CHOQ’s Shilajit product, it can be not easy to imagine how powerful this is to cause such rapid and pronounced improvement in so many people’s health. Numerous individuals who now take Shilajit daily reported its effects are both robust and felt quickly.

People of all ages using CHOQ’s Shilajit receive immediate and noticeable results daily that are: cumulative, compounding, and synergistic. With what some call miraculous effects, that can be seen within a few weeks of continued use, there is no comparison.

So, now the question is: can you save your precious time? Can you travel at the speed of the twenty-second century’s innovation? Today you can make a new choice, or be stuck with yesterday’s solution.

Time is your most valuable asset, and you have in front of you a choice to grab onto a tool that can extend your life. CHOQ’s Shilajit, purified and standardized to the utmost degree of quality, is exclusively available to you here and is not available in any stores.

In this tale, you journey into capturing cosmic energy as both a black hole and a supernova. Today, a veil of illusion has been lifted for us about health. Now, a twilight zone of unseen dimension is given here exclusively to benefit you and your future.



A Pharmacopoeia of Natural Vitality Boosters


Shilajit is an organic humic substance complex, containing fulvic acid, dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, micro-minerals, and even unclassified earth-derived compounds that can transform insecticide, pesticide, petroleum, and heavy metal; plus, provide a powerful persistent activity against parasites.

CHOQ’s Shilajit is exclusively sourced from high altitude bioregions in the Himalayas that provide the necessary specific environmental conditions for this pharmacopeia of wellness to slowly develop and mature.

This product is unique from any other Shilajit, in that it has been purified of any possible contaminant which may be found in other products, while also having been concentrated in nature’s most active beneficial compounds to the highest degree of efficacy achievable.

You have active elements in CHOQ’s Shilajit that have been shown to increase cellular coherence across the body’s systems through sympathetic resonance. These are the same compounds that can degrade and eliminate a wide range of body toxins at high and low concentration.

CHOQ’s Shilajit provides a veritable software program for reprogramming mineral-deficient cells, provides resistance to heavy metal pollutants, and can even locate and clear out local pollutant hot spots. All this leads to you having increased energy, healthy mood due to improved hormone balance, and an overall more vital constitution.

Order CHOQ’s Shilajit if you care to get concentrated, bio-active, rich, cleansing, and restorative vital nutrients. In merely a single capsule of this product, incredible amounts of beneficial substances abound!


To Fortify Immunity, Remove Toxicity


Detoxification you experience from CHOQ’s Shilajit occurs because of its function as a neutralizer and donor in horizontal transfer of toxic waste, acid, and catabolic plasmid. In other words, it “eats” tar, resin, and plaque-like deposits, and even laminated intestinal debris, and turns this into useful antioxidant and immune and body-building vital elements.

These elements fortify and strengthen your body’s resilience as a cumulative effect builds through sustained and regular ingestion. You could even say that CHOQ’s Shilajit provides a “bio-photo-electromagnetic” function that in the body can locate and dissolve contaminant concentration at its specific body location. Its effect is quantum!

This material is an enigma of energetic concentrations born through the slow and persistent cycles of nature’s rhythms, both terrestrial and celestial.

Your body’s biochemistry and management of acid deposit can only be corrected and healed by the proper naturally derived element, which unfortunately is largely missing from the modern-day diet and lifestyle. In CHOQ’s Shilajit, however, these very substances have remained and are standardized to levels that even a minimal amount can produce a phenomenal effect.


Locate, Capture, and Remove Contaminants


As I’m sure you are aware, you can clean the polluted water of your blood as you apply the proper tools: chelative and clathrative elements. What does that mean?

Chelation is  the bonding of ionic and molecular substances to metal ions, and clathration – which you may have heard less about – is the process by which foreign substances are trapped in a crystalline lattice.

As you ingest CHOQ’s Shilajit, you have an absolute champion in your corner who is on a mission to scavenge your body for such unwanted debris, then absorb and eliminate it. This miraculous organo-mineral complex can be described as perhaps the most concentrated heterogeneous matrix of beneficial elements ever discovered!

Shilajit is full of dynamic, auto poetic (self-regulating) processes in chaotic space and time, born in the belly of the earth through millennia of slow, cold, living organic processes. Your intestine, and your entire internal terrain, require such an ideal bioremediation tool to maintain optimum function, of which there is currently no comparison to CHOQ’s Shilajit.



Minimum-Optimum Effect


The times we are living in call for making use of leveraged actions to achieve maximum results when it comes to our health. In the United States alone, approximately twenty-two thousand premature deaths occur every two months, and it’s not mere speculation that cellular dysfunction is a major culprit in toxin not being made inert and broken down. A question worth asking is, what can I do today to add another day to my life?

In nature, as in the universe inside yourself, you have necessary vital organic acids, such as fulvic, humic, benzoic, butyric, malonic, malic, oxalic, succinic, and other useful acids.

These weak organic acids, due to the catastrophic effects of industrial agriculture, are not readily available in other foods or even supplements. Yet, even whole food vitamin-mineral complexes can only be properly digested and assimilated by having such elements present.

Practices of modern chemical agriculture have left soils and therefore foods very depleted of these compounds. Only upon such substances being present is the basic “clean up” possible, for clearing away, transforming, and dissolving organic and inorganic body pollutants.

Use CHOQ’s Shilajit daily and you have the benefit of these organic acids restored. You can say goodbye to any internally lodged garbage and debris and the toxic burden that can have carried on your system. Avail yourself of mysterious miraculous energy encoded in these powerful elements from the earth.

This substance is nature’s pre-programmed software code to normalize and correct various conditions that otherwise can have run rampant to a disastrous end. Here you have an all-encompassing solution to chronic health challenges, and contained within is the primary natural elements that can restore vitality so completely.

As you begin to utilize this mysterious, rich, potent substance daily, you have the opportunity to assist yourself and others with any health challenge.


Can Quality and Length of Life be Increased Naturally?


Are you interested in breaking the aging cycle?

If there is one supplement in the world that can do this, it’s CHOQ’s nutrient-dense purified and concentrated Shilajit. Inside this nutrient-dense adaptogen (a substance that brings all into balance) is a vitamin-mineral complex that naturally mobilizes your energy!

As you have “therapeutic water” (mineralized and charged plasma) vigorously flowing in your body with spare electrons, CHOQ’s Shilajit is working rapidly to give you a full, strong pulse. Get rid of gunk, thick sticky biofilms, and foreign debris that can have been a burden on your energy, and heal up conditions that can have been previously thought of as chronic.

You can detoxify and rejuvenate your body, and clear away wrongfully present waste material. On this note, nothing has more power than CHOQ’s Shilajit; you have the power of a rock of ages to withstand a modern-day ravage of oxidation, and this is a true anti-aging remedy.

You can restore total neuro-immunological vitality. You have a brain in your gut and this is the primary brain. Essential soil science research can assist you gain deep insight into the contribution that humic and fulvic substances make, to bring about a vitalized and healthy body and earth.

Given that two hundred harmful toxins can be found in the umbilical cord blood of a newborn, you and I need every edge we can get.

A body, early on, becomes contaminated similarly as the land has also become, and having a developed successful remediation detoxification program requires nature’s most powerful allies. CHOQ’s Shilajit is your best friend to have restored your pristine living inner terrain to a flourishing garden of Eden.


Diving Below the Surface of the Earth


Fungi rhizosphere is the region adjacent to the roots of plants where life’s biochemical properties differ much from the bulk of other soil-borne organisms. The darker rich humates and other organic acids (fulvic, butyric, etc.) are crucial to detoxification.

Nitrogen-fixing in the intestinal tract, just as in the earth, is essential for protein synthesis. CHOQ’s Shilajit has demonstrated through numerous clinical studies to substantially increase your nitric oxide production.



Now, in good soil, vibrant produce is grown under the influence of the soil’s dynamic and diversely dense community of organisms and nutritive elements. This is so vital for your healthy intestinal garden, which your body is wrapped around, to also flourish.

CHOQ’s Shilajit provides your garden inside with the protein colloidal chaperone required to clear away all toxic debris from your intestinal tract and body, leaving it vitalized. Then, your body’s healthy tissue resonant vibration comes back powerfully to where it’s meant to be.


Concentrated Source of Bio-magno-electric Energy


This unique Shilajit is collected from a rare deposit of a water-soluble tar/pitch-like substance teeming with vital nutritive elements. To have found this Pandora’s box of rejuvenating, vitalizing elements, one can have searched their whole life. Nothing is more powerful as an ally to restore the vitality you were born to have, despite an increasingly toxic world.

Collected from the high mountains in the most pristine landscapes of unimaginable wild beauty, close to the surface where numerous biotic carbon and silica energy sources are concentrated most, is where you can find this nature’s most incredible detoxificant.

CHOQ’s Shilajit, purified of contaminants (often found in other, “raw” shilajit products) using natural water-based processes, ensures you stay pollution-free in a contaminated world. You detoxify deeply deposited toxins, including embedded deposits from the brain and body.

Deep within the earth, vital substances of life assemble. Through aggregation, fusion, and differentiation, life processes these substances into their most essential form. This intelligence persists and continues to readily receive and broadcast information, as an oscillating circuit.


Life Begets Life, and Dead Begets Dead


Plant, animal, fungal, marine, bacterial, lichen, moss, and numerous other life forms go into making up dibenzo-alpha-pyrone molecules. These molecules are an absolute bioactive boon to health and exist abundantly in CHOQ Shilajit. Among many benefits, such enhances both sperm and egg in fertility, maturity, and vigor.

To be honest, we need more than a super vitalizer. There is tremendous value found in this substance, for oxygenation and raising vitality, being clear of toxins, promoting rest, and supporting the whole body.

Figuratively, you get more trains coming into the station to heal. We all are aware that people are dying needlessly. Are you interested in healing up from a modern dead toxic burden? Living as long of a healthy life as you can? Or do you support the insolvable, that this unsolvable challenge continues to exist?



I have witnessed healing incur from applying nature. A rainbow spectrum of biophotonic light is imbued in CHOQ’s Shilajit: red, gold, yellow, blue, and blackish-brown. The blackish-brown is assayed as the most active vitalizer of all varieties of such earth-borne substances.

This is a potent adaptogen and immuno-modulator. You have here a signal enhancer for cell communication. It is full of sludge dissolving elements. The greatest detoxificant, the most powerful of any kind of all detoxificant on the earth.

A true re-mineralizer – a restorative of all necessary trace elements; you get a veritable software program for reprogramming mineral starved cells.

You get the most power-packed supplement that generates electricity inside a cell. Weak organic acid dissolves cell rigidity due to deposited toxic debris. Cells can become hydrated again.

CHOQ’s Shilajit is a metabolic nootropic vitalizer, within which brain supportive trace elements abound. Glutathione peroxidase, magnesium, calcium, silica, and carbon. Gut health is assisted and brain health, too.

Heaven is underfoot, and also in the garden inside that your body is wrapped around. Heaven is a state of being, the same as what exists between two children who are playing.

To be playful and run barefoot across the earth, to have your vital energy restored, and to remain with your spontaneous creative intelligence, is the most precious gift of life. Many have wondered, and asked: is there a better way?

Surely one of the most powerful tools you can keep close with you on your journey through life, to assist you to remain in heaven, is this incredible pharmacopoeia of nature from deep within the body of our Earth.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.