CHOQ Lit Cacao Beans

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WARNING: once you try these beans, you’ll be a chocolate snob forever!

Each package contains 4 oz. of whole cacao beans.

WE HAVE A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY from a single spot in Bolivia that has sold out of these beans. We have purchased their entire yield for this particular bean and it will not be available again for a while, which is why we’re not offering subscriptions.

CLICK HERE to learn more about what makes CHOQ Lit Beans different.


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Our Cacao Beans are:

  • Wildcrafted in Bolivia
  • Now in 100% fully compostable bags!
  • Criollo variety (as opposed to lower quality Forastero)
  • Certified to have 97.3% heirloom genetics
  • 10% richer in cacao butter than most other beans
  • Less bitter, with notes of citrus and aged fruit
  • Recognized by the Cocoa of Excellence Competition
  • 100% GMO-free and grown without pesticides
Cacao Benefits

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lit Beans

I already submitted this review befor. but then I read a few others and I wanted to apologize for that reviewe titled 'Meh' from back in October. I don't know why she didn't like the fruit flavors coming through. It's the fruit of the cacao tree after all. Yeah, I know, seeds from the fruit OK?

It's alright
It's OK
It don't matter

I remember reading your product descriptions before I ever ordered and wondering why do they call them LIT beans? A little while later it struck me; LIT,
CHOQ LIT, get it? Got it. OK, I'll get some. Having been around coffee roasters, espresso machines, and coffee shops since before Starbucks I always enjoyed eating whole roasted coffee beans a couple at a time. When roasted cacao nibs started to become popular I enjoyed those right away. Now then,
LIT beans rule. I munch on them plain or mixed with a few espresso roast Guatemalan coffee beans. GO MAYAN baby! If you have any fresh Chile Piquene peppers on hand that's an excellent addition as well.
I make a relish of sorts with Lit beans, sliced fresh garlic, Serrano peppers, a little EV olive oil, a dash of Lea and Perrins, a dash of balsamic, and a dash or more of your favorite hot sauce/sauces, plus a pinch of Chachere’s Cajun seasoning or your favorite salt to kick it off. It's great immediately, and even better after the LIT beans absorb the marinade and soften slightly. LIT BEANS - FIVE STARS

Robert Wildermuth
Chow Lit Beans

They are really good! I love them in my smoothies

Superbeans of the GODS

Great superfood snack, HIGH PURE QUALITY VIBRATION......

Natalie Cook

I've tried them in several different dishes and they have an odd flavor. Sure they're not too bitter, but the fruity notes are a bit too much--the chocolate flavor gets a bit lost in it. I would not recommend them

Inga Walsh