We’re happy to provide verified CHOQ reviews from satisfied customers who took the CHOQ 90-Day Challenge to revive their drive. Many of these CHOQ customers were searching for a way to boost their free- AND total-testosterone, their energy and their performance. All testimonials are verified reviews from real CHOQ customers, and they reflect the game-changing results that our consumers can expect CHOQ to deliver. We only provide the highest quality ingredients that are backed by science to formulate products that your can see and feel working. You can hear from actual users through these verified reviews or sign up and claim YOUR subscription to SAVE 35% ON CHOQ DAILY!

CHOQ DAILY – Stunned

Surprised to say I actually do notice a difference at first might’ve been a little skeptical but after about a week I can say I do feel and notice a difference!

11/01/2019 - Sebastien Rouse

CHOQ DAILY – Spiritual Growth

This is a great product, this product increases female attraction for me, I can feel an energy when I am around woman and I feel like the man, increase of eye contact while I am walking though the halls; their are many subtle gestures that I pick up on. But I don’t use it to attract woman. I use it for self development. I procrastinate less, I work out more often, I’m less timid. I also am getting a more defined muscle figure. Choq is a great confidence booster in all aspects.

11/25/2019 - Jeremy De Guzman


Wanted to use the daily for a full 30 days before I left a review. To say the least, does exactly as advertised. Feel clear, & confident. Absolutely recommend.

11/19/2019 - Joe Haynes

CHOQ DAILY – Nothing but the best

Really love the daily product. My energy and mental clarity are increased. Think I may try the Action product as well. Thanks for everything Choq

11/08/2019 - Ryan Bruner

CHOQ DAILY – Choq daily spiritual energy

Day 31 of choq daily, the XXXXXXX love me

11/15/2019 - Jeremy

CHOQ DAILY – Outstanding

Best customer service and a high quality product that you can actually feel the effects from. I feel very good about this!

11/06/2019 - Mystic Bob


Verified 5-Star Review

0/25/2019 - Dylan Hughes


Verified 5-Star Review

10/23/2019 - KARL ULYSSE


Just added next to the normal order (Daily and Action) the newer Shilajit and Seven Wonders. Felt unstoppable.

01/23/2020 - Lorenzo


90 day challege bouta get me shredded, already feel more raw like a male should, crazy focus all day and sleep like a brick.

12/13/2019 - Trent Settlemier

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Fantastic product. Would recommend for any men

I ordered the trial package at first to see how I would like this supplement. I then started taking it everyday as soon as it arrived at my door. This product is amazing. With all the chemicals in our house, food, and environment, this product is a must have for men. You can feel the difference in your life very quickly. I am now going to keep going for 90 days and see what other kind of benefits Choq will have on my life long term. These guys are not messing around. Great product, worth the money.

01/21/2020 - Dylan Johnson


Verified 5-Star Review

01/19/2020 - Johnny Sims


Verified 5-Star Review

01/18/2020 - Scott Nygaard

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION -really really good stuff right here

after couple of days i feel the energy and power being released, amazing feeling. I appreciate it.

01/09/2020 - Niko


Verified 5-Star Review

12/11/2019 - Miranda McDowell


Amazing product. I highly recommend it to all men

1/27/2019 - Drew Kilburn


Verified 5-Star Review

1/19/2019 - David Townshend


I have tried various “test” boosters and this product stands on its own! The purity of ingredients and overall boost of energy and focus it gives is amazing. Will be taking these for the rest of my life!

11/11/2019 Emanuel - Flores


Started off today by taking 1 of each DAILY & ACTION and within half an hour i already felt more alert and had more energy. An hour in i decided to have a workout and was surprised how i managed to do alot more reps and with more energy & intensity than usual. Eager to see what the results will be like after an extended period of time.

11/06/2019 - Jeremy


Verified 5-Star Review

11/04/2019 - Elijah Kimmel

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Spectacular results

I have been using the Daily + Action for 2 weeks now and the results are amazing! I have more stamina, endurance, patience, control, mindfulness, and many more benefits!

I noticed a peak in my alertness within 15 minutes of taking the Action supplement the first time. I was cautious and tried only 1 at first, then 2 on the 2nd day, and 3 from the 3rd day on.

I’m thrilled to have tried this product and will continue to have this Daily + Action subscription!

11/02/2019 - Juan V

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Absolutely Amazing!!!

Do yourself a favor and try these amazing, plant based, vegan testosterone enhancing pills. Feeling focused and motivated, really clear and lasting energy throughout the day! Giving thanks for this

11/02/2019 - I And I

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Feel The Difference

I have been taken some sort of supplement for quite a few years now. Some I can feel the difference and some I can’t. I definitely notice an increase in energy in my workouts which elevated my mood. I am excited to see what CHOQ will do long term!

10/25/2019 - Daniel H

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Im diggin it

Really liking the daily! Haven’t noticed much with the action but really like the daily! :)))))

10/24/2019 - nathan kreger


Verified 5-Star Review

10/23/2019 - Caleb Holden

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Amazing product!

Been using CHOQ for a month now and I am feeling a noticeable improvement! I have much more energy and clearer mind, every guy needs to take this product. Really excited to keep taking this products and feeling the results.

10/23/2019 - Elijah Kimmel

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Felt the effects instantly!

Been taking it 3 days now and I have noticed an increased amount of energy and my gym workouts have been better, also my mood has been better can’t wait to see what I’ll feel like after 30 days, expensive but quality and better than any supplement I’ve taken

10/23/2019 - Matthew Triberzis

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Everyone loves having more energy and this is where you get it!!!

Great product for energy and is also pure.. If you ejaculate a lot, you’re ejaculating all the time get this product and in your system for the testosterone.

0/23/2019 - Billy Elekana

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Great product

Amazing results when working out, feel alot more focused & good energy

10/23/2019 - Victor Torres


Verified 5-Star Review

10/23/2019 - Maik Warkentin


Man this is great you can tell these herbs are powerful!

10/13/2019 - V.G.

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Good product

Has worked well in boosting mood and energy

10/10/2019 - J.H.


The daily is absolutely out of this world, I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve tried all kinds of supplement store testosterone boosters and this is not only the most effective, but also the most affordable I’ve come across. I choose to take the “action” pre- workout for it’s vasco-dialiating effects, and OH BOY I can see how it would work wonders prior to some “action”. The staff was also very helpful on email guiding me through how to subscribe for a monthly membership. I’m looking forward to next months shipment! Thanks!

10/07/2019 - Ash


I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’ve noticed quite a bit of change! I will continue to use it and maybe even order more in the near future!!

10/01/2019 - Carlos G.V

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Damn strong stuff!!!

I’ve bought quite a few of these type of products over the last few years. I guess at my age things just don’t always work the same… When Choq came popped up on my radar I immediately liked the ingredient list and quality standards they seem to have. Made in the USA always a plus. Well, I will tell you it does work!!! I was shocked at first because a lot of products are so-so, I would have to kind of “search” to feel them. Choq hits you right head on I tell you what!!! I’ve been taking the daily and can tell I have added energy, focus, even aggression sometimes. I only take action when I’m working out or entertaining haha. Good stuff thanks guys! Enjoy!

09/15/2019 - Blake A

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Product that works!

I am quite familiar with these types of products and quite frankly most of them are just an expensive waste of time. Choq breaks the mold and is very effective! Since I began taking Choq I have noticed a real improvement in my stamina while hiking, an increase in focus and I am beginning to see an increase in sexual desire. All men who want a real increase in performance should try this product, I expect everyone will be quite pleased with the results. Keep up the good work!

09/11/2019 - James Blackham

CHOQ DAILY + ACTION – Choq’d up and loving it

I’ve never had any issues but a friend of mine was using action as a pre work out and gave me a couple sample packs. Great product guys I felt it within 30 minutes. I’ve been taking Daily for a few weeks and can feel a real improvement – better work outs better action lol…Thanks fellas will be subscribed.

09/10/2019 - Will Abernathy

CHOQ ACTION – As always

Action combined to Daily is the best choice a man can make.
Now I’ll wait to get the 7-Wonders!!
Thank you Choq!

01/17/2020 - Lorenzo


I’ve only been on Choq Action for almost two weeks and I must say I love it. My only regret is that I did not order it sooner. I’m going to order Choq Daily as well for the added benefits. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends. You haven’t LIVED until you try it!!!

12/03/2019 - Latieff

CHOQ ACTION – Works for me as advertised

Great supplement helps stabilize and boost my energy without the jitters. More support for work and workouts helps me get the day done.

10/31/2019 - Matt


Great product gave me lots of energy and focus

10/31/2019 - Jesus Pena

CHOQ ACTION – Truth in Advertising!

True to advertising, this product has helped support me with gitter-free energy for more intense loads, workouts.. Also great for altitude adaptability. Highly recommend

10/28/2019 - Matt

CHOQ ACTION – Best invention Since COFFEE!

This product has changed my life! My energy, focus, and quite honestly sex drive, are at an all time high, thanks to the boys over at Choq.

10/23/2019 - Roy FAUST

CHOQ ACTION – Was great, even if..

It is a great product, even if the order was not complete, but the Choq-team solved that issue very fast.

10/16/2019 - Lorenzo

CHOQ ACTION – wasn’t sure about it

That product is just great. i took some of them before i went working, i must say, i needed to take the bus and was late, i was running for ca. 1 km, i didnt even need to breath faster!
and i was completly awake for the whole day!
probably the best herbal supplement i’ve ever tested

10/07/2019 - Lorenzo

CHOQ ACTION – Great! pre-workout

Hey everyone just wanted you to know that these have helped me tremendously for my longer marathon MTB rides. I take them 30 min before my ride and i’m noticing great blood flow but almost more importantly my recovery has been cut in half. This along with Choq Daily has improved my sharpness. drive and overall strength. Thanks everyone!

09/14/2019 - JD

CHOQ ACTION – Awesome product

Have been using it for just about a week and already feel a difference, especially with blood flow. Cheers!

10/30/2019 - Mahima Mane-Chapman

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