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Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

Cringe Report: War, Sponsored by Applebee’s

As signs of the impending collapse of our civilization go, this one is particularly breathtaking.

Nothing says, “We live in an episode of South Park” quite like the horrors of war juxtaposed with dancing cowboys and deals on boneless wings.

The last year has not been kind to CNN.  They’ve lost both Chris Cuomo and their CEO Jeff Zucker to scandal.  Millions more people are tuning in to Russel Brand making fun of Brian Stelter than any of the broadcasts that Stelter is actually on.

The legacy media is dying, and it’s a glorous thing to watch.

Just look at this graph comparing Joe Rogan’s average viewers per show to various dinosaur news broadcasts like CNN Primetime:

So now, after CNN has suffered embarassment after embarassment, they pull this stunt: running an Applebee’s commercial over coverage of the war in Ukraine.

This is how you build clown world: one Idiocracy moment at a time.  Soulless, witless, humorless news organizations like CNN are only accelerating their own demise with every one of these bizarre gaffes, demonstrating how incredibly out of touch they are with the public.

Watch this video.  Savor it.  It’s darkly beautiful, tragically comedic.

There’s something special about the way that the air raid siren fades into jovial country music with lyrics about chicken fried steak and cold beer.

Watch comedian Jimmy Dore brutally roast CNN while playing this most cringeworthy of moments in television history:

Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

CHOQ Chief Product Officer

Matt Dorsey is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist, and supplement industry veteran. As our Chief Product Officer, he heads product development and relies on his extensive training to ensure that our supplements are safe and effective.