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Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

Finding Safe Sunscreens Made Ridiculously Easy

If you’re as well-informed as most CHOQ customers, then there’s a solid chance you know what a toxic minefield sunscreens are.  But even for those of us who know better, it’s still all too easy to just grab whatever’s fast and cheap on the way to the pool party. 

Unlike our usual articles, this one is mostly a simple graphic that you can use as a reference next time you need to buy sunscreen and want to make sure you’re getting the safest option (scroll to the bottom to see it now). 

While we’re not the leading experts in body care products the way we are with superfoods & adaptogens, we’re obsessive about researching all the ways that we can protect ourselves from the array of toxic chemicals modern life throws at us. 

When it comes to topical product safety, one of the best places to get quality information is the Environmental Working Group.  The CHOQ Safe Sunscreen Easy Shopping Guide below is based on their recommendations, along with a couple tweaks that we made to emphasize the absolute cleanest options.

If you’re not already familiar with EWG, consider this an introduction to an essential resource.  These guys are about as legit as it gets: a non-profit dedicated to sharing high-quality, evidence-based information about heavy metals, pesticides, and the thousands of other chemicals that are wrecking our vitality and disrupting our hormones.  

They have a comprehensive database called Skin Deep® which allows you to search over 100,000 different cosmetic & body care products.  Each product has an overall quality score as well as a breakdown of every ingredient with its own individual toxicity rating.

You can use this link to go to EWG’s sunscreen guide and searchable database, and this link will take you to a list of over 100 sunscreens that meet their EWG Verified® standard.  All the sunscreens on that list not only have the cleanest ingredients, but also highest labeling transparency (which we’re all about at CHOQ, since we’re one of the few supplement companies that practice full-disclosure labeling).  

CHOQ Safe Sunscreen Shopping Guide

Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

CHOQ Chief Product Officer

Matt Dorsey is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist, and supplement industry veteran. As our Chief Product Officer, he heads product development and relies on his extensive training to ensure that our supplements are safe and effective.