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Jonathan Simpkins

Five Reasons to Boost Nitric Oxide Daily

You can navigate through CHOQ’s blog (try the search bar!) and you find that nitric oxide is a topic we’ve talked about several times. I want to continuously reiterate the importance of this miracle molecule, so here’s a look at what nitric oxide does and what benefits you can compound by taking steps daily to boost your NO levels.

So what is nitric oxide? Put simply, nitric oxide is a gas whose presence in your blood allows you to have a noticeable boost in performance and to optimize your biology. By a boost in performance, this can pertain to any sort of physical or mental activity you engage in.

What nitric oxide actually does is it opens up the blood passageways throughout your body and allows the muscle surrounding those passageways to relax. As a result, you are able to improve your circulation and deliver life-giving blood to the far depths of your circulatory system.

Blood is the liquid crystalline plasma lattice that nourishes every cell in your body. So you can innerstand the importance of getting blood to “faraway places”, so to speak. Remember, your body is an entire universe and when it comes to circulation, the extremities – including the hands, feet, head, and groin area – are the furthest reaches of outer space inside yourself.

Nitric oxide plays a vital role in assisting you to feel bright in your energy, and your body to feel satiated and as if you have everything you require. In food, nitric oxide often is boosted by those certain combinations of ingredients that make your mouth absolutely water. I’m referring to the natural surfactants, not the synthetic and harmful ones such as MSG.

Garlic is an example, especially when combined with sea salt, lemon, and some calcium source such as sesame. A sprinkle of this on anything and your saliva is flowing and wet. That means your blood is moving.

circulation by nitric oxide

Below are five reasons you benefit as

you boost your nitric oxide daily:

  1. Recovery. When you do intensive work, whether it’s working out or hiking, chopping wood or carrying water, your body recovers as you are at rest. Nitric oxide is a boon here as fresh blood supply can help move acids that build up in muscles which have been strained.
  2. Performance. Beyond the recovery, the ability to perform well in any athletic or intellectual endeavor can be improved with nitric oxide. Nitric oxide increases the delivery of vital minerals to cells during exercise, thus increasing vigor and endurance.
  3. Regulate body temperature. When someone becomes excessively cold or hot in their body, often this is because of a blood flow challenge. By improving your circulatory system’s ability to efficiently move blood around, nitric oxide can contribute to your body temperature remaining normalized even in particularly hot or cold conditions.
  4. Promote a healthy inflammation response. Inflammation is a natural element of our body’s intelligence in being able to self-heal. However, external factors can contribute to conditions in which an inflammation response is over or under active. Nitric oxide can assist your body to regulate and promote a healthy and appropriate inflammation response.
  5. Mental clarity. When you have blood flowing to your brain, your mind is at ease. You can silence the noise of inner or outer chatter and be focused with your thoughts and intentions. Nitric oxide is a boon in having roper blood flow to your brain.


So where can you get nitric oxide from?

Well, there are specific foods that can definitely enhance your body’s own ability to produce nitric oxide. Chocolate for example is one of the best (try CHOQ’s unadulterated and heirloom jungle cacao beans), as are citrus, garlic, black pepper and many others.

You can supplement with products that enhance your nitric oxide production. This is one of the most reliable ways to ensure you have proper levels throughout the day and night. You can also feel the difference quickly when your blood is moving powerfully through your body. CHOQ’s Action 2.0 is likely the best product on the market formulated with this effect at the forefront.

Another excellent way to boost your nitric oxide production is with certain breathing practices. Nasal humming is an example of such a practice. Additionally, much of the breathing practices of the Buyteko method are very effective in increasing your nitric oxide levels.

When you have nitric oxide, you are ensuring all the beneficial effects of the minerals and vital nutrients you ingest are making their way to your cells. Your circulation can improve and you have boosted performance in any endeavor.

Get the juices flowing and take some time to focus your intention on having superb nitric oxide production. This is a supercharger for your body’s most vital fluid, blood, so go full gigachad and get jacked on some sweet, sweet nitric oxide.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.