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Eight Clinical Studies and Counting

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Clinically Researched


Water Purified


100% Vegan

The Gold Standard of Purified Shilajit

Presenting the game-changing ayurvedic adaptogen for men AND women that tops them all.  Optimize and balance hormones, boost collagen production, increase mitochondrial energy production, enhance performance across the board.

Use CHOQ PURIFIED SHILAJIT: the ULTIMATE in healthy aging and all-systems vitality!

A world-renowned tool to powerfully reboot your vitality in 90 days.

Ancient wisdom validated by modern scientific methodology.  That’s how CHOQ™ does it.

Our purified Shilajit supports:

  • Clean, stimulant-free energy and focus
  • Mitochondrial energy production (ATP)
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Healthy hormone metabolism
  • Collagen synthesis for healthy bones, joints, and skin

But CHOQ™ PURIFIED SHILAJIT isn’t just for jocks and mountain ralliers.

It’s for men and women looking for that extra drive to dominate in whatever areas of life matter the most, whether physical or mental.

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Here’s the sad truth:

These days, in the Wild West of the supplements industry, you can throw any untested, tainted Shilajit tar into a fancy looking container and fetch a handsome reward.

It doesn’t matter how pretty that jar is when your product is impure and untested.

Since 3,000 B.C., Shilajit has been harvested from the sides of mountains in the Himalayas, and has been considered to be one of the most potent Rasayanas in the Ayurvedic toolkit, but–even then–it was always purified with water in order to render it safe.

Now, in the wake of the Canadian government placing restrictions on the importation of Shilajit due to concerns of lead, mercury, and arsenic, it’s more important than ever to know where your Shilajit comes from, and whether or not it’s been purified and tested.

When we did our due diligence to determine the safest, most effective Shilajit available for us to offer, the choice became obvious: PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit.

Why did we pick this one? 

Because simply put, it’s the gold standard of Shilajit.  Nothing else even comes close.  

Our Shilajit is:

Lab Verified to be free of all adulterants, including heavy metals

Clinically Researched

Water-Purified and Free of Solvents

Kosher and Halal Certified

100% Vegan (as are all CHOQ™ products)

Protected by Multiple US and International Patents

Scientifically validated because research matters

CHOQ™ Shilajit has been the subject of 8 clinical studies.

Click the button below to browse clinical studies on our purified shilajit extract.

What Makes our Shilajit Legit?

One word: Science. 

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years, but only recently has it been the subject of scientific scrutiny to determine both its safety and its efficacy.

That’s why we’ve chosen the only Purified Shilajit on the market that has been clinically verified by 8 different studies (at 500 mg daily) to support:

All-Day Energy by Maximizing Mitochondrial ATP Production

CHOQ™ Purified Shilajit plays a direct role in the synthesis of ATP, the primary energy currency of the cell.  When your ATP levels are optimized, you don’t need to rely on stimulants to constantly push your adrenals, so you don’t have to worry about afternoon crashes or burnout.

Healthy Collagen Production for Skin, Bones, and Joints

Collagen is a critical scaffolding that supports your connective tissues while ensuring that your bones stay strong and your skin retains its elasticity.  CHOQ™ Purified Shilajit has been scientifically proven to upregulate 6 different genes involved in collagen synthesis, including collagen types I, III, V, VI, and XIV.

Nitric Oxide Synthesis and Circulatory Health

Our Purified Shilajit is the only Shilajit on the market that has been scientifically demonstrated to increase nitric oxide production by 30%, enhancing blood flow to the muscles, heart, and brain, which translates to sustained energy, focus, and a healthy mood.

Enhancement of Intracellular CoQ10 Activity

Whether you take Coenzyme Q10 or would just like to get more out of what your cells are already producing naturally, CHOQ™ Purified Shilajit enhances the activity of this vital compound to increase your metabolic efficiency so you can produce more energy with each heartbeat.

Sizable Increases in Free and Total Testosterone

After our Purified Shilajit was administered to healthy male volunteers for 90 days, it raised both FREE and TOTAL testosterone by 19% and 24%, respectively.  It also significantly increased DHEA, the direct precursor to testosterone.


Because it’s the only one that’s tested for safety, purity, and efficacy.

Contains a full 500 mg daily dose in order to match the available clinical research

Brings significant improvements in energy, focus, and hormone balance within 90 days

Contains over 40 trace minerals, Fulvic Acid, dibenzo-alpha-pyrones (DBPs), and DBP-chromoproteins (DCP)

Here’s what real customers, like you, are saying about CHOQ™ PURIFIED SHILAJIT:

I’ve been taking Choq Shilajit for 3 weeks now. And the difference in my energy and mood is clearly glaring. I also have a much clearer mind. On the other hand, it is clear that one must keep a healthy lifestyle to feel the effects at full power, I quit smoking recently and even if I already felt the effects well by smoking, this has nothing to compare to now.
Now I just ordered the Mega Bundle and I’m excited to be in 3 months to see the full potential of Choq products, I’m sure they will help me accomplish my goals much more easily. Again thank you GetChoq

Alexandre Desille

Just Amazing!!

Been taking it for 3 months now and I feel constant energy and mental clarity

Madison Agostino


I’ve been taking shilajit and seven wonders, and i’m getting more creative, energetic and focused! By this far i love the products!

Linn Hølland


I’m less than 7 days into taking it, so i’ll report what I’ve noticed thus far; it immediately gave me more energy in the AM’s. Waking up w/fatigue is something I’ve been healing for *many* years, it’s like no matter how long i sleep i’m still tired. So it was a pleasant surprise when i awoke with more pep. I noticed it within two days, & it improves more every single day. As someone who spends a lot on supplements already, i was leery to add another monthly expense, but this is worth every penny. My AM productivity has doubled, it’s unreal. I’m so happy i tried it.


Powerful energy

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