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Jonathan Simpkins

Waking Up Bright: You Are Magnetic

Magnetic Force in Your Sleep

Did you know that most every person on the earth at this moment has been over-breathing? Did you know that biology requires carbon and silica to have magnetic energy transferred? Did you know that hypocapnia can have been impacting this transfer of magnetics? That is, over-breathing.

Did you know that carbon is being kept as it should be only so long as your inspiration is nice and relaxed? Did you know that when you sleep, dreaming allows your body to heal? Over breathing causes carbon not to be kept in proper balance in your cells. The beneficial smooth-muscle relaxant properties, that vasodilate your capillaries, are not able to occur when you’ve been over-breathing.

Carbon in a cell makes up the exchange medium for a magnetic transfer of energy. A cell, if respired properly, keeps exactly seven percent of itself as carbon. With this, energy is kept in a cell and has enough magnetic force to do inner-cellular work. Keep in mind too that oxygen is only going to be exchanged as long as you have enough carbon also present.

Did you know that carbon is not being kept at the proper level if you’ve been mouth breathing during your sleep? In the wee hours of sleep in the early morning is when this can have occurred. You are not conscious of the outside world, and in those moments of the morning most can have possibly been over-breathing.

Lifeforce is Magnetic

Magnetics is the basis energy of all life. Magnetism is more primary than electricity or light. Magnetic energy can be transferred across any distance of space, through a piece of wood, a wall, or any barrier. Which is not the case for light or electricity.

Did you know that all abiotic and biotic material is magnetic? Did you know every single atom is made up of magnetic particles? You can even observe that each and every element on the periodic chart has quantum effects. You see this in biology and also in deep space. The only clear energetic candidate for what is holding everything together is magnetism.

magnetism, magentic force

Are you waking up in the morning very bright and shiny, ready for what the daylight brings? Do you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed with a spring in your step? Did you know this can make a big difference in your health?

When you are dreaming back, resting through the night from activity of the day before, your body is healing up. At night your mind is relaxed and slowly going through time, and this charging does not require your body to cross any distance of space. Your body resting is being healed up. Also, you don’t have to know that your body is healing up, do you?

Anyway, after you dream, you arrive back again at your morning, just as the day before. What your first thought is in the morning, as you arrive back to this plane, sets the tone for your day.

Hypocapnia is caused by over-breathing when you have slept poorly. This can have a serious effect on your health by not allowing you to hold a magnetic force.

Anytime carbon is deficient, as we described above, the needed energy exchange does not occur much. This is one reason that perhaps you may not have been feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Feel free to have a look at this article on breathwork if you’d like to learn more about  how much it can change your life.

Have you noticed a time when you took off a sweater and you heard sparks? What about even seeing some sparks at times? Did you know that you were observing biology holding a magnetic charge?

This is charge stimulated by the friction of directional movement as your hair and sweater were being slid over each other. As you know this is called static electricity. Although you don’t look like a copper wire or a light bulb, you actually are. There is really not much of a difference.

A Cell Wants to Cleanse

A cell is dependent upon proper bio-balance. To this end, a cell is only living as it’s encompassing terrain is supporting life. When it doesn’t, you’ve got tiny little areas of your body, such as the basal ganglia, which can become compromised.

Imagine the basal ganglia to be a very small tea shop in your neighborhood. When conditions are too acidic – too wet and too cold in that tea shop – the customers want to break out and they do. In this situation you can’t get an immune cell in there because that would be like leading a bull through a china shop while hoping the china is going to be okay. So, no immune cells can get in. Your body won’t let that happen.

The basal ganglia sometimes desperately wants to cleanse itself. Do you know how this happens? It happens because of an ability to engage microbial movement and exit toxin through the skin in a blister.

When the outer skin of that area is sometimes triggered by a small stress, usually friction, it can signal your body to cleanse the basal ganglia. That made it easier for the body to exit debris through liquid exudate. In biology this is a cleansing of the basal ganglia.

What reason does your body choose that path? Well, it does so because no real cell mediated immunity is in that tissue. So it has to be able to cleanse itself and also have it’s biochemical mediated immunity present. Can you do this if you have been mouth breathing in the morning? And, considered what is your first thought of the day?

magnetic field

Magnetic Disturbance and Your Terrain

Could there be a “witching wind” or disturbing geomancy where you sleep? Is your environment free of dirty electricity? Have you been getting enough minerals? The point is: there can be both constructive and destructive interference, can’t there? When you sleep and you are a nose breather, you can be sure you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

If you’re not waking up this way, don’t, tell me it’s not because of magnetics. The one place you spend the most time is where you sleep. You can be lined up north-south and you can make sure the air is kept above fifty percent humidity, and this is helpful for keeping your magnetic force intact.

Times that you can have had a magnetic disturbance in your environment, there may be a massive coronal ejection of your plasma body. If you had that sort of disturbance, you’d be left feeling stuffed, puffy, and congested. Rather than feeling bright and bouncy, you’d feel a little fuzzy when you woke up. You’d also note that things look a little fuzzy too. You see, both cosmic and terrestrial forces, both vertical and horizontal magnetic forces, may not have been kept in balance. This contributes to cellular disturbance.

When younger folks are excited, over-excited and addicted to a rush, this behavior is associated with overdoing activity. “Overdoing it” leads to stressing tissue. Stressed tissue causes an overly acidic, damp, and cold environment between the cells. Congestion is a result of your proper core temperature not being kept and your body feeling cold. This indicates that you’re going to cleanse, as discussed here. You can also now note how your basal ganglia cleanses itself.

Disharmonic magnetic disturbance causes a compromised environment because of the bioterrain not having its negative redox. This occurs because your conductivity was not kept. We’ve been relating how any over-breathing at night can disturb conductivity by not having enough carbon. Another result of not having enough carbon is that no buffer exists in your blood to buffer overly alkaline blood. In this case it can cause a stopping of your breathing altogether and this is called sleep apnea.

Supplements can support cleansing in numerous says, especially those that support health nitric oxide production.  The realty, though, is that anything you put in your body is still secondary in its effect on the habitual patterns you’ve adopted to your biology. Nose breathing is a primary factor contributing to your vitality.

universe inside

Body Temple Kept Pristine

The only way your cells have to keep order is to have magnetic energy. You have both a static field and a dynamic field. As you have both of these magnetic capacities, your body remains vital. Cell voltage has got to be kept or otherwise your body has evolved an incredible way to cleanse.

A cleanse expresses itself as a blister, a cold, or what society may call sickness. In biology however this is a cellular cleansing. This can have been going on through your skin and that can become a dumping ground for toxin. Being mindful to breathe through your nose through the night is essential, and hey, why not try out a cleansing of your bowel?

Anyway, a long time before any illnesses expressed itself, something is sitting within you. Why not love the one you’re with? You’ve got to be able to keep yourself company, and you don’t want to be an unwanted guest at your own party. Otherwise, this is going to show up in your biology. So why not have joy show up?

Your body’s lifeforce field can even be measured by a standard volt meter. Waking up bright you’ve got clean energy. This is free energy too, which is what we’re supposed to have. Not something that you have to have a membership to get the benefits of. Your body reactions can give you all the signs you need. Learn to read the signs and you’ll be waking up bright with magnetism to draw from.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.