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Jonathan Simpkins

Five Signs You Need to Detox

What signs does the body give to signal you to detox? Here are five.

Let’s be honest – we all have been exposed to unprecedented levels of toxicity simply by being alive and active in our world today. As a society, we’ve created an enormous amount of chemicals and waste streams in the past 100 years. Much of that waste does not really go away, but simply dilutes itself into the environment.

Over time that waste can have accumulated in certain places, including our bodies. When tiny amounts of toxic material are slowly built up daily over months and years, the effects begin to compound. That’s when toxicity can manifest itself as symptoms of poor health that can only be dealt with by addressing the source of toxicity.

Signs that you may be ready to begin to detoxify yourself are many and varied. However, there are a few common symptoms which are fairly universal indicators that a detox is in order.

Here is a list of five common signs that can show up in our bodies, and are signals that your body is asking you to make an effort to detoxify:


  • Dry/itchy/bumpy skin – Skin is our largest organ, and is usually the last place where the signs of the body purging itself are shown. This means that by the time you experienced the symptoms of a skin condition, there is an internal underlying issue that is likely to be systemic. It all begins in the gut so that is where we normally direct a detox protocol.


  • Low energy – Everyone needs rest, and it’s important to get plenty. However, when you are getting plenty of rest and still lack energy or motivation to be active, it can mean something deeper is going on. Fatigue and sloth are often signs of sluggish digestion, and a reason to take action to start a detox.


  • Stress and nervousness – We can say that these conditions have a direct relationship with physiological ones. The relation is more complex than simple cause and effect, as it can go both directions. However, generally speaking, you can reduce stress levels markedly by addressing issues in the GI tract. You do have a brain in your gut, after all.


  • Dry mouth/sticky spit – Often we can drink plenty of water, yet an osmotic thirst remained. This is due to dehydration at a cellular level, in which fluids can be trapped between cells yet have less than the ability to permeate and hydrate. Aside from pure H2O, your cells require minerals, hydrogen, and weak organic acids to be satiated and hydrated. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, your saliva is indicative of the state of your blood.


  • Insatiable hunger – Do you ever eat and eat and yet your hunger remains? This is actually a form of being under-nourished. The reason anyone might have plenty to eat yet remain hungry is primarily twofold. One, the digestive system is clogged and thus unable to properly assimilate nutrients from food eaten. The second reason is because the food that was eaten was an empty and dead skeletonized calorie, and offered nothing substantive for the body to absorb, thus resulting in a net energy loss.

So, what can be done to begin to correct the underlying issue when you notice these symptoms? There are many approaches, and I introduced some basic detox ideas in this article on cleansing.

In general, having a part of your daily routine focus on clearing away old debris, to make way for what is new and fresh, is crucial. In today’s world we have access to a plethora of tools to make this easy and simple.

Without doubt, one of the most powerful tools on earth for sustained detoxification is Shilajit. We are huge proponents of this life-giving substance. Not only does historicity and tradition highlight it’s effectiveness, it’s detoxification power has also been proven in clinical trials.

We pride ourselves on offering the purest and highest grade Shilajit on earth. It’s difficult to name a single other substance so easily available and so capable of alleviating symptoms of toxicity, while ushering the body gradually into a state of hygiene and glowing health.

I’ve written in depth in the past about the many healing and rejuvenate properties of Shilajit, which you can find here. Suffice it to say, it has been considered a panacea worldwide for eons of time for a good reason.

In a future, I will be going into further detail on the ancient texts and practices that initially revealed Shilajit as the master medicinal of the entire Eurasian pharmacopeia. In the meantime, be kind and gentle on yourself and when your body gives you the signal, take action and you can curb these symptoms.

Of course, there are many forms of detoxification other than taking rejuvenating substances into your body. Digital detoxs, fasting and cleanse protocols, spending quality time in nature, retreats and spa treatments, having a diet of primarily fresh foods, and getting plenty of rest are but a few.

More to come on all of these topics. You can also review the many articles on our blog for a deeper dive on detoxification.

With a consistent approach, you can restore your energy levels and be operating at 100% full power in no time. Check out CHOQ’s Shilajit by clicking here as you’re drawn to. All of our other products, it should be noted, are supportive of and work synergistically with Shilajit to maximize and leverage its benefits.

Take care of yourself and stay powerful, CHOQ nation.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.