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Jonathan Simpkins

Intestinal Flora: Brain and Body Health

Did you know it’s a very conservative estimate to say eighty percent of immunity is a result of having proper intestinal flora? Can you consider what has happened to the general population? It used to be that only one in one hundred adults have a chronic disease, and now it’s six out of every ten adults in America.

Today antibiotic-resistant bacteria are found in nearly all animal foods, and food eaten is mostly devoid of enzymes. This means proteins are coagulated with enzyme resistant linkages. Such dead food has no magnetic voltage and can have severely damaged intestinal flora.

Synthetic food additives are put into highly processed and denatured food. Isn’t that really an empty and dead skeleton of a calorie? What do you think of researchers that have had no idea about the value of enzymes in food?

What about the fact that we have been told nothing about the detrimental impact that high phosphates have on health? What if that researcher has only foisted toxic products on the unsuspecting? Products that have no consideration of your intestinal flora?

There is a lost science you can study called somatotyping. Somatotyping is about how your body has evolved because of food eaten by our ancestors.


What do you think about research that doesn’t consider poisonous compounds as in what’s found in all synthetic substances? Millions of our beloved children are being given poisonous synthetics and elements that destroy intestinal flora as antibiotics do.

What reason do you feel that some families have a tendency to be overweight? Is there such a thing as a superior and inferior diet? What have you been taught about how food eaten can have impacted intestinal flora in your internal garden?

How about the research with no consideration of the impact of inflammatory sugar? Some companies could have written apparent research yet have no idea about indigestible protein.

Could that be equivalent to the lame approach of mainstream news? How do you feel that years can pass by and that some researchers have never availed themselves of what’s in the literature about intestinal flora?


Did you know that today fermentative, rotting conditions resulting from leaky gut tend to strike one adult in every two? You would agree that many challenges happen as you have not had proper intestinal flora, and this leads to painful bowel conditions.

It is not uncommon that excessive mycotoxins would have been released into your body as dysbiotic bacteria used your body as their sewer. There is a condition known as Kryptopyrroluria (KPU), which is blood hemoglobin not being broken down properly in your body.

You would have had insufficient genome power as there was no intestinal flora. Excessive hemoglobin not broken down properly binds with valuable nutrients that the brain requires to function properly, such as pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and zinc.

Does it make sense to you that brain and emotional dysfunction can be considered a nutrient deficiency? Well it’s true that twenty percent of all who suffer from kryptopyrrole also have psychological dysfunction.

brain of the gut anatomy

Did you know that a very high number of clinically diagnosed psychological disorders also have a condition like kryptopyrrole? Vitamin B6 and also zinc is critical to have proper brain functioning.

A B6 and zinc deficiency in such a condition generally also has a wide spectrum of physical and emotional conditions associated. Also, this deficiency cannot be counteracted by providing nutrients necessarily, because those nutrients are being wrongfully bound up.

Only by restoring proper intestinal flora, which is generally devoid in most adults, can this be cleared up. Can you have a focus to gain back proper intestinal flora?

intestinal flora and emotional health

How are we stacking up the importance of good intestinal probiotics for having good health? What would you consider research written about such conditions that has not mentioned digestive probiotics and feeding gut bacteria? Intestinal flora is what can assist your body to heal up from such mental and emotional challenges.

So as you are reading this, I’m sure you are getting it that you must have proper gut flora. Did you know intestinal flora is also an important key to having good brain and nerve force?

Probiotic and soil-borne organisms (SBOs) have a definite anti-rotting effect. Rotting conditions in the colon is one of the leading types of conditions that can lead to death, especially for men.

Conditions of the colon are directly associated with not having protective forces of natural intestinal flora.

Can anyone deny that there is a direct connection between the brain of the gut and the brain in your head?

Many psychological and emotional conditions have been observed to be improved through addressing intestinal flora. You’re healed up as the upper stomach produces normal levels of hydrochloric acid and the liver and pancreas produce enough bile to neutralize this acid.

Bowel disturbance is cleared up as fresh food is introduced and nutritional “gaps” are filled. Changing your ways is the real therapeutic. All gut conditions improve dramatically as you have restored intestinal flora and gotten rid of irritability of the GI tract.

Applying liver and gallbladder emptying protocols goes a long way to clear up most conditions. Typically associated with a compromised intestinal flora is a bile occlusion.

Research shows nutrition from fresh food and wild herbs is the most powerful. How do you feel that mainstream news has never availed you of a single piece of research about healing up with fresh nutrition?

Generally very little is said anywhere about colloids in biology. Fresh organic foods and wild crafted herbs are recommended to you here because these are naturally low in phosphate and high in calcium.

As you consider the importance of your intestinal flora, there are many factors to take into account that affect your bioterrain. Restoration begins with the basics: fresh, enzymatically rich food, and supplementing with wildcrafted, carefully formulated herbal formulas and bioavailable minerals.

The flora residing in the intestinal tract are, along with the liver, your body’s most powerful allies. Take the steps today to nourish the garden you are wrapped around, and your future self is sure to be looking back and thanking you!

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.