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Jonathan Simpkins

Nitric Oxide: Cultivate Immortality

Did you know that carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are smooth muscle dilators? Each opens you up to have an excellent micro-circulation. Fresh, enzyme rich food can assist you the most on this level. Also, make sure you are breathing through your nose during sleep.

Did you know that children who eat this way have the most powerful immunity? Changing your ways is so you can live life more abundantly. Can I share with you something that can inspire you to change your ways?

You and I can live simply that others can simply live.

Did you know that by eating a regime of fresh food you can increase the benefits gotten from the nutrients present in the food? You have increased nitric oxide flowing through your blood, which is a miracle molecule in its own right.

As you stick with fresh foods and herbs, you are more likely to be a deep sleeper. Your body is given a chance to be recovered and rejuvenated.

Nitric oxide and carbon dioxide levels are vital. Fresh food and nose breathing during your sleep are important elements in you regaining your health. The practice of nasal humming is also shown to radically increase levels of nasal nitric oxide.

Nutrients in a diet rich in fresh foods and herbs can open up your microcirculation so that cells can be respired. Long term ingestion of high quality cacao has also been shown to increase microcirculation to the skin.

Vitality is restored by your ongoing habit of exercise and diet and clean living. As a result, you are more whole.

Smooth muscle is around all blood vessels and airways that are working well. As you have increased nitric oxide and carbon dioxide, the smooth muscle dilators, you are going to have good cardiovascular function.

Fresh food and proper supplementation supports this the most. Fresh food is high in phenolic compounds that assist in nitric oxide formation. When you eat fresh, you pay attention to tannins (bitter and astringent compounds) being balanced and not overly done.

Can you assist us to get the word out on this? This is not about selling anything, this is about what’s natural.

Fresh food supports the miraculous nutrient nitric oxide to be flowing through your veins.

Nitric oxide enables you to have the physiological capacity to be breathing through your nose during your sleep. Otherwise, you might have been experiencing a situation of little to no microcirculation.

Nitric oxide’s and carbon dioxide’s effects as smooth muscle dilators can influence a healthy inflammation response in relation to your bronchial pathways. Your arteries are being kept clean right now because of having nitric oxide.

On a diet of dead food, no consideration is given to nitric oxide. So how can a dead food eater go beyond and be brought up to date?

Sodium from an organic source, such as sun-dried sea salt, gives you flexibility of your blood corpuscles and cell membranes. Monatomic silica in fresh foods, wild herbs, and sea vegetation such as Irish Moss, creates elasticity.

Monatomic iron, magnesium, and aluminum are cell regulators that are the elements involved in regulation of your cells’ rhythmic circadian cycles.

Nitric oxide and carbon dioxide create a flexible cellular membrane as well. This flexibility enhances a cell’s ability to pick up biophotonic scalar cues. These cues are information that synchronizes what’s happening internally in the cell with what is happening outside of itself.

As a nutrient, nitric oxide reverses a “sticking zone” that shouldn’t be there around the cell. A “no stick zone” of hygienic living is therefore what is surrounding all cells as a biofilm.

CHOQ’s Shilajit assists your body with hygiene maintenance of your biofilm. Your cells allow a negative cavity zone to exist. This zone draws elements into its space for an exchange to occur between what’s inside versus what’s outside.

This zone is free of hydronium ions and dense with ions as hydride molecules. Such molecules come from sources such as fresh foods and Shilajit, among others.

Did you know ammonia in your body is the primary source of nitrogen that supplies you with the ability to synthesize protein? Monatomic ammonia is required to loosen all stuck debris and lift it out of your biofilm region. In this way everything is kept hygienic.

The neutrality of this space is very important. It is meant to be a suspended, non-ionizing zone that makes up your biofilm. The health of this zone is critical to your cells’ ability to pack glycogen.

Biological purifiers such as glutathione peroxidase increase your nitric oxide level. Healthy nitric oxide levels support you having good restful sleep at night by nose breathing.

Nose breathing also ensures you have optimized levels of carbon dioxide. Otherwise the magnetic field of the body becomes disturbed.

An oxygen-carbon dioxide dissociation exists in respiratory physiology. Oxygen is only released as carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, the smooth muscle dilators, are present.

Nitric oxide and carbon dioxide are present as a result of a balanced natural diet and lifestyle. Your acid-alkaline balance is also affected by your rate of respiration.

nitric oxide for improved circulation

Anytime carbon dioxide is not kept, that means very little oxygenation and very little microcirculation exists.

Nutrition from fresh whole foods and wild herbs creates the conditions for optimal microcirculation. Nitric oxide and carbon dioxide widen and relax the smooth muscle lining your blood vessels.

One of the most powerful formulas on the planet to improve your nitric oxide production has got to be CHOQ’s Action 2.0. This was specifically designed from the bottom up to combine ingredients that act synergistically to enhance nitric oxide and improve your circulation.

Carbon levels are meant to remain at about seven percent in the interior of your cells and red blood corpuscles. Do you care about having more immortality? Immortality is you being immaculate.

Are you interested in protecting your bones from degeneration? You can also increase the luster of your skin, hair, and eyes. You are more bright in your energy as you have incorporated nutrients from fresh food.

To this end, nitric oxide and carbon dioxide perform a miraculous role in living more a life of immortality.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.