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Jonathan Simpkins

Irish Moss: Oceanic Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth Found in the Sea

Did you know that sea vegetables are rich in nutrients able to assist you ward off numerous conditions? Did you know marine vegetation contains more trace elements than any other food? Irish Moss, despite it’s name, is actually a type of seaweed. Irish Moss carries remarkable properties which assist you stop aging in it’s tracks, so you can remain youthful all the way through life.

Seaweed might sound like something you pack the peace pipe with, yet actually is an incredible food packed with vital trace elements – a true vitamin-mineral powerhouse. Marine vegetables have most all vitamins, including A, B, C, D, E, K, Q, and Vitamin S; plus Folate, Selenium, Germanium, Chromium, even monatomic platinum-group elements, polyphenols, and essentially every other micro- and trace element your body needs.

Sea vegetables like Irish Moss are rich in Calcium, Silica, Tritium, Deuterium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Fluorine, and of course a major one, Iodine. These are all very necessary vital nutrients, so missing in a modern toxic world. All of these elements, coming from a whole food and non-processed source, are in a nano-particulate state and totally non-toxic – this is as good as it gets!

Iodine Supplement Deception

For most all of the Iodine supplements on the market being sold, there cannot be any guarantee that contaminant, in the form of crystallized iodide toxin, is not present. When Iodine has been processed and isolated from mineral sources, it has an affinity to be drawn to other molecules of Iodine and forms Iodide. Iodide in your body in this form acts as a heavy metal toxin and is detrimental.

You cannot start with a rock and turn this into a food. You cannot improve upon nature, and attempting to do so is pure arrogance. Whole food Irish Moss sourced from clean marine environments, ethically harvested and minimally processed, is the among the most excellent forms of bioavailable Iodine you can have in your pantry.

Tritium, another element found in abundance in marine vegetation like Irish Moss, is essential to assist everyone today in a world where nuclear fallout is an omnipresent reality. When it comes to protecting and modulating your thyroid function, which directly correlates to radiation protection, Iodine is known as the absolute king.

Youth from the Ocean

Youthfulness is Hydration

Irish Moss is a gelatinous, mucilaginous plant tissue and so carries within it many properties to nurture and promote healthy skin and tissue, including the lungs and respiratory system. One example of Irish Moss benefiting you in this way is as a fabulous hydrator which can provide hydration to your intestinal mucous membrane.

The gelatin-like fiber in Irish Moss provides healthful nutrients to the biofilm that surrounds intestinal endothelial cells. This is very important as a protectant against the caustic effect of highly acidic digestive juices. This also can assist dried and shriveled up cells in the intestine become plump and hydrated again, which has a downstream effect on all skin and body tissue.

Hydration is certainly a key factor in maintaining youthful energy and appearance. Our bodies are like an ocean on the inside, and we require our cells to be bathed in a mineral-rich living plasma to stay properly hydrated and functioning at optimum levels. Additionally, when you bring in just a tablespoon of Irish Moss, you have only about fourteen calories with all of this enormous array of minerals, vitamins, and healing elements.

This makes regular consumption of Irish Moss a boon for those interested in achieving healthy weight. All marine vegetation is a serious provider of nutrients on many levels with very low calories, and so can benefit you as a means to reduce appetite while remaining hydrated and nourished.

Longevity from the Sea

Did you know that so many nutrients exist in marine vegetables that contribute greatly to moderate the effects of the stress hormone cortisol? Have you heard that an elevated cortisol level is one of the primary contributors to inflammatory and degenerative age-related conditions? Feel free to check out this article with some more information about the relation between cortisol, stress, and health.

Irish Moss has elements that are very protective and restorative of your body. The information is all about you taking action to care for your body. Discussing all of this is really from a small list of elements found in the sea that can assist you to remain youthful.

Did you know middle age is associated with a thickened skin of your face? Did you know that muco-polysaccharide found in Irish Moss can reduce the middle age look caused by thickened skin? This is because Irish Moss improves the elasticity and mechanical characteristic of the skin, giving you a true younger look.

Collagen is a buzzword in the health and wellness scene today, yet many may have missed the boat by assuming that putting collagen in your body means improving collagen production. This is not actually the case, and is what I refer to as “test tube science”. In fact, you need the proper collagen-building elements that assist your body produce healthy collagen on it’s own. Irish Moss contains many of the substances that contribute to healthy collagen production, as discussed in this article.

When you have elements from pristine and unadulterated whole food sources, you have the protection of nature on your side. Due to it’s properties as a demulcent, Irish Moss protects your cells (including of course your dermis and epidermis) by enhancing and fortifying the natural moisture barrier surrounding such. You keep harmful toxins at bay and remain with the hydrating and plumping factors that can keep you feeling ageless all the way through life.

ocean mystery

The Ocean is a Treasure Trove

When you have Irish Moss from the sea that is alchemically processed to retain it’s natural properties, you are able to reap the benefits of the sea. This is sooo useful in heavy metal detoxification and protecting you from the possibility of radiation contamination.

Irish Moss is unsurpassed in it’s ability to assist you maintain proper thyroid function. Nutrients contained within can activate all enzyme systems in your body. This is due to the presence of essential micronutrient elements not ordinarily found in farmed fruits and vegetables today.

Surfactants Make Water Wetter

Surfactant, as we’ve discussed previously, is another key factor found in unprocessed sea vegetables that can keep you youthful and energetic. A surfactant can combine oil and water and is called amphiphilic. An organic element is called amphoteric as it can become alkaline in the presence of an acid, or can become acid in the presence of an alkaline.

You can only have these properties when a substance retains its fresh, natural properties from being sourced in the wild and processed naturally and minimally, without chemicals or high heat. Surfactants from Irish Moss act on the water of your blood to keep it in its necessary low tension. In this way your blood acts as a solvent for nutrients, delivering all deeply into your cells.

Can you imagine putting a leaf into ordinary tap water and observing the amount of compounds visibly drawn out of the leaf into the water? You’d notice this leaf’s elements mostly remaining intact and not being drawn into the water. The surface tension of tap water is too high to easily draw nutrients from the leaf.

Now imagine the same leaf put into organized and structured water inside your stomach. Your blood is the same, and this structuring occurs at a much lower surface tension than what tap water is. In such a structured, softened, and organized fluid, nutrients stream out of the leaf freely, to be available to you in it’s most absorptive state. This type of life-giving fluid has an intelligence of it’s own, and having Irish Moss is one example of nature’s vast intelligence being transferred to your body.

Liquid crystal membranes surround your cells, and blood plasma itself is like a liquid crystalline lattice. With surfactant found in sea vegetation, especially in such a mucilaginous vegetable as Irish Moss, you have the ability to permeate nutrients deep into your cells, and you structure the waters of your body.

Do you want to have good Thyroid function?

Can you learn more about polyphenolic compounds and their usefulness beyond this simple introduction here? These are powerful substances in their ability to assist you maintain healthy cholesterol, reduce harmful estrogen, and inhibit abnormal cell replication.

All of this magic is packed into Irish Moss. Your thyroid function can be modulated as needed, meaning activity reduced or increased. You can have your body tissue kept uncontaminated. Your thyroid function is assisted from whole-food sourced Iodine levels in the microgram range, while higher amounts taken in can reduce an overactive thyroid. This is not so with Iodide, chemically derived from highly processed minerals, as mentioned above.

Do you want to have your thyroid working for you as a buffer against radiative factors? Did you know your intestine is producing all the necessary elements when given the proper nutrition from nature? Irish Moss provides a cellular feast of nutrient density to keep your body’s systems fully supported.

Did you know that every organ only supports a preferential role for a specific function to be achieved in your body? Marine vegetation supplementation is an excellent means of maintaining organ health.

magical seaweed

Irish Moss is Oceanic Youth Juice

What are the benefits, aside from what’s listed above, of having a properly functioning thyroid? For one, you are easily able to maintain a healthy weight and body fat percentage. Additionally, a healthy thyroid means increased muscle building ability.

Maintaining healthy weight and having good thyroid function require elemental nutrients in bioavailable form, and this can be found in Irish Moss and other sea vegetables. Also, you’ll be getting substances that can actually hydrate your cells, and keep them moist and plumped.

Otherwise, dehydration is the definition of aging. Hydration is you in your continued vitality. This is what we have been talking about as the factors found in the sea that have a broad application and implications in your youthfulness kept and aging stopped.

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.