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Jonathan Simpkins

Life is Structured Water: A Mystery to Science

Structured Water is Multi-Dimensional

Did you know water is continuously changing its form from a plasma to a gas to a liquid to a solid and back again? Did you know the full hydrological cycle, including the subterranean cycle, is what forms structured water on earth? Did you know we have about two hundred million square miles of surface area on earth?

Oceans contain about ninety seven percent of all surface water. Huge reserves of freshwater are subterranean as well.

Did you know that ice accounts for only about two point one five percent of the water on earth? Yet in times past, a lot more water has been held by ice.

At the moment our atmosphere only holds about point zero zero one percent of the total volume of water on earth. If an extraterrestrial were to look down upon earth beings, we would look very much like structured water bodies.

structured water body

Hydration in Your Body

You can survive a long long time without food, yet you’ve got to stay hydrated. The body loves to conserve it’s hydrated state because aging is really just a dehydrated interior cell structure.

Aging means there’s little fluidity present to get things done. Younger water bodies tend to pass more water through them than older water bodies.

About sixty percent of water found in a water body is found inside the cell as it’s cytoplasm. About forty percent is found outside the cell. Ten percent of that water, found outside the cell, is all that’s found in your blood. The water of the blood is highly structured water.

Water’s movement is an indicator of its purity and energy. Civilization has to have cost effective and clean, structured water – otherwise it is underdeveloped. Thousands die every day from lack of clean, energized, structured water.

Would you agree that fresh water is wealth? In the future, water will be made into textiles and a whole range of biomaterials.

Did you know that water, under pressure of magnetic fields inside a capillary tube, assumes a flat-like structure and becomes a gel? Such structured water can have such tight bonds that it has a very high boiling temperature. It can also reach a very low temperature threshold without freezing.

Structured Water Encodes Information

What happened to the era in which water was free? Now you hear it’s becoming as expensive as petrol is.

Did you know that this electronic message is passing through the water of your eyes? A thin covering of water is around all the electronic circuitry in our devices.

A thin film of water also covers everything in nature. Did you know a sheet of paper can only be bent as it has some water still in it?

Water is the essence of life and is directly connected to the vitality you have or don’t have.

Inside all water exist tiny little hollow spheres that are called clathrate. These clathrates are oscillating circuits that can become entrained with frequency. They can also give off this frequency.

Providing water is in a living state, water displays a fantastic memory. Paying attention to the type of water you have been consuming is very important. Most water being drunk is not mature nor is it clean nor structured.

What Draws Water Near?

For water to be restored to its proper proportion on the earth, we have to get busy and start planting trees. Water can only have levity as it has darkness from shade. Water only exists where shade is, otherwise water retreats.

Water is the reason you have a mild climate or not. Nearly all substances condense as they get colder. Yet, not water. Actually once it gets under freezing, water continues to expand.

Water can be very viscous or very thin. Water continues to lose its viscosity as it is subject to pressure. So water’s structure changes as pressure is brought to bear. Aside from mercury, water has a greater surface tension than any other liquid.

Water that comes out of the ground at forty two degrees fahrenheit is mature water. This water has more hydrogen than oxygen and has no spare oxygen. It has a lower molecular weight so therefore it has the most surface area.

This surface area allows hydrogen bonds to form in the water, causing it to act as a solvent.

waterfalls in nature

Structured Water of Nature

Water that’s from deep inside the earth is structured water, whereas surface water is very immature in comparison. This is because water has to have gone through its full hydrological cycle in order to be matured. A major component of that cycle occurs underground.

When water is mature it has energetically picked up elements of all it has passed over, both in the earth and in the atmosphere.

Water can be structured and structured water can properly hydrate you. If water is not structured, it’s pattern is scattered and broken. This sort of water can actually rob nutrients from your body.

“More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized power station is presently able to produce.” -Viktor Schauberger

Water that’s mature and structured assists your body by hydrogenating nutrients and pulling nutrients into itself so that they can be applied by your body. When you make tea with structured water, the water assists to extract nutrients from the tea and into the water. Your body can then apply these nutrients in blood formation.

Without even eating anything, your saliva, your digestive juices, and your intestinal flora can biologically transmutate one element into another. This process produces about twenty six grams of protein in a day for the average person.

egg shaped water vessels

Preparing Your Own Structured Water

Water, when filtered and kept in the cold and dark and held in an egg shaped container, has the ability to rotate freely and have perpetual motion. Square and cylindrical vessels are not a proper shape for holding water.

You can clean water optimally by a filtration process. Use triple deionized, carbon filtered, ultraviolet light treated water to begin with. Then this water is structured by keeping it cold and in the dark in a rounded vessel.

You can also structure water with gems and stones of various properties. Adding a small amount of sun-dried sea salt to your water can give the water life again.

In the case you do not have access to deionized water, you can use filtered water. Most tap water, as you are aware, is full of contaminants and is not empty. So you can filter the water to begin with and then structure the water.

Water can be structured by spinning or vortexing. Be careful not to get electrical pollution in the water when using charged devices.

structured water vortex

Natural methods to make your structured water are best. Otherwise, we really are designed to eat lots of water-rich foods and less foods that are devoid of water.

Distilled water often has not gotten rid of fluoride, so it’s preferable to use reverse osmosis filters that can remove this toxin. You can then structure the water and flavor it with a pinch of sun-dried sea salt.

You can spin the water two or three times using a simple device, spinning to the right to magnetize the water. If the water is then kept in the dark and kept cool, this is an excellent water to use when making anything requiring hydration.

Water prepared in this way can penetrate deeper as it has a lower surface tension.

You can also expose your water to small amounts of sunlight for brief periods, which has a purifying and energizing effect. Put flower petals from flowers that are in season and you can give this essence to the water.

Water Is Life

These are simple ideas you can try. When you taste high quality structured water, it is slightly viscous and clean. The water is actually felt more as a gas and is slippery. It seems to disappear into the membranes of your mouth and leaves behind a wet feeling.

Water is tiny little magnets that make up hydrogen atoms as well as an oxygen atom. Magnetism is the primary force of life. As you see how hydrogen is made up out of tiny, infinitesimally small particles, you see what the ether is made of.

This is water being at the very essence of all life as baryonic matter..

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.