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Jonathan Simpkins

Calorie Restriction for Longevity

Calorie Restriction and Sirtuin Activation

Did you know that a diverse number of species that undergo calorie restriction end up with concentrated sirtuin activity? A potent activator of sirtuin is resveratrol, such as what’s found in CHOQ’s Heirloom Cacao Beans.

Coenzyme Q10, an enzyme whose activity is enhanced by purified shilajit for example, is also important for upregulating sirtuin enzymes. Sirtuin has a relation with the skin of all species, for you have to protect the inside with the outside.

In drought resistant plants, the microorganisms that symbiotically cover the skin of fruit are aerobic. The same goes for the life forms colonizing the interior organelles of the cellular structure in biology, including all interior space. This is primarily Lactobacillus salivarius and Lactobacillus plantarum.

Sirtuin activating nutrients concentrate in drought resistant species. This is similar to what occurs through calorie restriction in the human body.

Did you know that for a long while now, astragalus species (as found in CHOQ Armor) have been widely used for achieving healthy weight? You can innerstand astragalus is a boon in many ways because it is rich in sirtuin activating compounds.

Resveratrol and quercetin are also activators of sirtuin. Extracts of astragalus are one of the primary substances used to lengthen telomeres. Resveratrol is an active ingredient in increasing telomerase activity as well.

Telomerase assists your body to heal up the tips or “caps” of chromosomes, so they are repaired. As NAD+  is present, it raises your base metabolic rate. This means that excessive cargo, brought in relentlessly from a body ailment, is being burned off every day.

Sirtuin two is concentrated in bacterial species such as L. salivarius and L plantarum. Sirtuin increases genetic stability, causing a longevity factor to be present. Sirtuin activity is amplified by the practice of calorie restriction.

Tyrosinase is an enzyme found in mushrooms and assists you to quiet down excessive neural activity. Tyrosinase is found in whole food vitamin-mineral sources with vitamin P, vitamin K, and monatomic copper present.

turkey tail adaptogenic mushroomTyrosinase is found in the mushrooms used in Seven Wonders formula and this is a nutrient that may support brain health.

Your alertness can also be enhanced as sirtuin activation through calorie restriction assists your body to manufacture norepinephrine and epinephrine.

These neurotransmitters sharpen your senses and allow you to feel a rush-like feeling in moments of your life. Additionally your base metabolic rate is increased and this burns off unnecessary incremental weight gains.

Calorie restriction and weight

Base metabolic rate is increased by calorie restriction, thus assisting you to achieve a healthy weight. As magnetic current is present in your cells, the cells have their correct voltage to get work done.

Curcumin is another example of a nutrient that boosts sirtuin activity. Curcumin activates cyclotronic pathways, thereby increasing glutathione and superoxide dismutase levels – two powerful antioxidants.

Powerful antioxidants are necessary for good health. Similar nutrients found in CHOQ Armor support healthy histamine response, thus benefiting the the immune system.

Specific polyphenolic compounds, such as what’s found in the organic Amla extract in Action 2.0, stimulate nitric oxide and support healthy circulation.

Also you should know that calorie restriction, which is reduced calorie consumption without malnutrition, is the oldest and most robustly studied way to reduce effects of aging and extend lifespan. Sirtuin activating compounds have been clinically shown to mimic many of the effects of calorie restriction.

We live in an era where most may not even know what a natural birth is. Where did the first cell in a chicken’s egg come from? Or that the sun is a body of magneto-electricity? Or how can it be that blood is already flowing before a heart is even formed in embryology?

Does an architect study building design with consideration of the health of its occupants? We may come up with how far away the moon is, yet if asked where the DNA in the body is, many may not know the answer.

That is to say, when it comes to the universe inside our bodies, there are many questions to be addressed. It’s possible to consider that a serious Dunning-Kruger effect has overtaken the lamestream innerstanding of fundamental topics regarding health and biology.

You and I can still benefit from digging in and studying what it means to live in health. The important step is to then take action with your own health. Certain studies, such as the effects of calorie restriction and sirtuin activation, have a well-established historicity that allow you and I to integrate new information easily.

Why not take the time to learn about calorie restriction, and what you can do to add another day to your life? Your future self can be looking back and thanking you for changing your ways today. Isn’t it true that changing your ways is what it really means to be healed up?

Jonathan Simpkins

CCO, Director of Culinary R&D

Jonathan Simpkins is an entrepreneur and independent researcher with extensive experience in the natural food industry. He has spent fifteen years studying traditional food and healing systems around the world, developing natural products, and promoting health optimization strategies.