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Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

Propaganda Alert: BPA IS SAFE!

Still think that Bisphenol A is a toxic endocrine disruptor that can wreck your health? Come on, get with the times!

According to the totally unbiased and super friendly folks at FactsAboutBPA.org, it’s totally safe!

Do you have a dirty brain? Not to worry. This lovely website will wash it for you, free of charge.

Here’s a great quote from a page on their site about the health effects of this amazing, nontoxic, petroleum-based wonder-chemical:

“We also know from recent scientific research that because of the way BPA is processed in the body, it is very unlikely that BPA from typical human exposures could cause health effects.”

These noble scientists—clearly in the pursuit of nothing but the hard truth, and following the science wherever it leads—then go on to claim that it’s also perfectly safe for children:

“It is understandable that parents can have special concerns about minute exposures of BPA to infants and children. Again, science can help provide specific information on BPA. A study with premature infants by researchers at Harvard and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrated that premature infants have ample capacity and capability to metabolize and eliminate BPA.”

I’m so glad that the lovely people at FactsAboutBPA.org have obviously reviewed ALL the research out there, and found that the hundreds of other studies that demonstrate its negative effects on the human body are in fact totally bogus! It certainly makes it easier for us, now that we know we don’t have to look at any other science, as these other studies are clearly inferior.

Here’s a list of some of these inferior studies, with links:

Association of BPA exposure during pregnancy with risk of preterm birth and changes in gestational age: A meta-analysis and systematic review

CONCLUSION: “This meta-analysis demonstrated that higher BPA exposure was associated with an increased risk of preterm birth and decreased length of gestational age, and suggested that BPA exposure in the third trimester of pregnancy may be a critical susceptible period of preterm birth.”

The Association between Bisphenol A Exposure and Obesity in Children—A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

CONCLUSION: “This study suggested possible causality between BPA exposure and childhood obesity using data from epidemiological studies and showed that BPA exposure itself increased the risk of obesity in children.”

Bisphenol A and the risk of cardiometabolic disorders: a systematic review with meta-analysis of the epidemiological evidence

CONCLUSION: “To conclude, there is evidence from the large body of cross-sectional studies that individuals with higher uBPA concentrations are more likely to suffer from diabetes, general/abdominal obesity and hypertension than those with lower uBPA concentrations.”

In utero exposure to bisphenol-A and anogenital distance of male offspring

CONCLUSION: “Our findings provide the first epidemiologic evidence that in utero BPA exposure may adversely affect male genital development.”

Adverse effects of bisphenol A on male reproductive function

CONCLUSION: “These investigations revealed that men occupationally exposed to BPA had high blood/urinary BPA levels, and abnormal semen parameters. BPA-exposed men also showed reduced libido and erectile ejaculatory difficulties; moreover, the overall BPA effects on male reproduction appear to be more harmful if exposure occurs in utero.”

Occupational exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) and the risk of self-reported male sexual dysfunction

CONCLUSION: “Our findings provide the first evidence that exposure to BPA in the workplace could have an adverse effect on male sexual dysfunction.”

I’m so glad that I don’t have to read any of these studies, or the countless other papers that demonstrate a clear connection between BPA and erectile dysfunction, infertility, abnormal genital growth, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, because that sure would take a long time!

The mask comes off

But just who are these incredible people at FactsAboutBPA.org, who work tirelessly to sift through all the available research in order to draw conclusions without any ulterior motive whatsoever?

Well, if you look here, it turns out that the website is run by the Polycarbonate / BPA Global Group, which “represents the leading global manufacturers of bisphenol A (BPA) and polycarbonate plastic.”

See? No conflicts of interest here.  Just a bunch of concerned citizens doing their part.

But hey, if that’s not good enough for you, then I’d recommend that you head on over to another bastion of extreme objectivity: ChemicalSafetyFacts.org.

On this page, they have the following to say:

“BPA is one of the most thoroughly tested chemicals in use today and has a safety track record of more than 50 years. The consensus of major government agencies around the world is that BPA is safe as used in food-contact applications.”

It’s possible that there may be a few countries that might potentially see a tad bit of danger in ingesting this compound, but it’s a pretty darn short list, really, so nothing to worry about:

The 27 countries currently in the European Union: Prohibits the use of BPA in drinking cups or bottles intended for young children

France: Total ban on BPA in all food packaging, containers, and utensils, including for adults

Canada: Illegal to manufacture, import, or sell baby bottles with BPA

China and Malaysia: Banned BPA-containing bottles and other food and drink contains for children

So when the brilliant scientists and engineers at ChemicalSafetyFacts.org say that countries all over the world agree that it’s safe, that’s just with the small exception of almost two billion people who live in one of these countries.

A minor oversight, I’m sure! And really, when you think about it, that’s only like 24% of the world population. You know these guys’ hearts are in the right place, because they do science. And science always tells the truth.

As you can see from their website, they’re just a group of completely neutral scientists with a passion for finding the truth who happen to go by the name ‘the American Chemistry Council’, which is a group made of exclusively of companies who generously donate money in the pursuit of good science.

Some of these heroic companies include:

Bayer (who owns Monsanto)
Dow Chemical
Eli Lily
Procter & Gamble

Wow, I’m so glad that these massive chemical companies are doing their part to fund good science that helps protect us all from harm!

All Joking Aside

You guys know that toxins like BPA, phthalates, and all the other hormone-disrupting chemicals that we’re swimming in are a big, big deal.

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Dr. Matt Dorsey, DACM, LAc

CHOQ Chief Product Officer

Matt Dorsey is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist, and supplement industry veteran. As our Chief Product Officer, he heads product development and relies on his extensive training to ensure that our supplements are safe and effective.